Eight Ways to Get Links for a Web Page

How to Reach Inbound Links with Content Marketing

The links are one of the SEO factors who have the greatest weight when it comes to positioning a website in Google. A profile with high quality links that leads to high authority, spam free or low quality links can mean the difference between showing up at the top of Google and not showing up.

Links are still important to position a website in the Google search engine.

Link building, the Generation of quality links For a website, this is one of the techniques that every SEO professional should know. It is one of the most complex parts of SEO as it requires knowing where to look for these links and how to get other web pages to link to the user’s content.

Here are some ways to get links to improve a website’s link profile.

-Promotion: One of the easiest ways is to share the content and get it known to the audience. It is very important that the public to whom the content is shown is interested in the specific topic, otherwise they will not be linking to the website. The content must be as complete and original as possible.

-Resource Pages: One way to link is to create a resource page within the structure of the blog or website. These types of pages are usually very attractive and naturally get many links.

– –Find mentions: Many websites and articles mention brands and content without a link. In these cases it is much easier to get a link since they have already shown interest in the content. In order to reach these types of links, constant monitoring of Google and social networks must be maintained. When looking for mentions, it’s best to prioritize the most recent content and leave out old mentions.

– –Guest articles: Guest posts or articles were one of the main forms of link building in the past. It is still a great way to get high quality links as long as it is done correctly and is meant to be published on high quality websites with high authority and a similar audience.

– –pictures: This process is similar to finding mentions. Users who create their own images, be it photos, infographics, or motifs to illustrate their articles or share on social networks, can do a search on Google Images to find pages that use those images and not the source linked are original to ask them to do so.

– –Analyze the competition: Analyzing the link profile of the competition is one of the best ways to find ways to link your content. For this task there are SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush that will show you the links and their quality.

– –Broken links: It’s about finding broken links on other websites and offering your own content as a replacement. It is important that the content offered answers the same questions and is aimed at the same audience. It’s also important to make sure that the page continues to work and that the content is updated.

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