Einstein’s letter about animals with super senses

It is clear that he was a great visionary. His contributions to physics changed the world. But he left much more information in his letters. It is demonstrated in an unpublished letter from 1949. It is Einstein’s letter about animals with super senses. Analyzes bees, birds and principles of physics related to the study of the senses of animals.

Einstein's letter about animals with super senses.
Einstein’s letter about animals with super senses.

It’s a view that continues to evolve in physics to this day. It examines how animals such as birds and bees orient themselves when moving. A study by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia connects the dots. Discuss how recent discoveries in migratory birds supported Einstein’s thinking 72 years ago.

RMIT Associate Professor Adrian Dyer has published important studies on bees. He is the lead author of the new article on Einstein’s letter published in the Journal of Comparative Physiology A. “Seven decades have passed. Einstein suggested that new physics could arise from the sensory perception of animals. And we see that now, ”he said in a statement.

The letter proves that Einstein met the Nobel Prize winner Karl von Frisch. He was a leading sensory researcher on bees and other animals. In 1949 he presented his research on bees. He said they navigate most effectively using the polarization patterns of light scattered from the sky.

Einstein’s letter about animals with super-senses mentions carrier pigeons. “Studying the behavior of migratory birds and racing pigeons could one day lead to an understanding of a physical process that is not yet known.

Recently the relationship of magnetism to migration has been studied.
factoides.com Recently the relationship of magnetism to migration has been studied.
Einstein and the birds

Professor Andrew Greentree is a theoretical physicist at RMIT. He said Einstein was also interested in bees. And that he suggested observing their behavior in the hope of gaining knowledge in physics. “It’s wonderful. Einstein foresaw that the new discoveries might come from studying animal behavior,” he said.

Research on thrushes in 2008 showed something interesting. They were equipped with radio transmitters. For the first time it was found that these birds use a magnetic compass shape as a guide. It is your main orientation during the flight.

One theory about the origin of the magnetic sense in birds is the use of quantum randomness and entanglement. Both concepts in physics were first proposed by Einstein.

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