Electric scooter Will it be the transportation of the future in cities?


The electric scooter should become one of the best transport allies of the future. There are currently several models on the market, but some aspects need to be improved so that they can compete hand in hand with the petrol models.

The planet has long called for a form of transportation that uses clean energy such as electricity. For this reason, more and more electric cars are in circulation in large cities. They do not emit any harmful gases and it is sufficient to connect them to the electrical current for charging.

Electric scooter

Advantages of traveling with an electric scooter

Electric scooters and motorcycles are much cheaper. They are also more agile in traffic that penetrates the big cities. Finding a parking space is also easier. The environment is not the only one that benefits from it. The person who moves with an electric scooter benefits in the pocket.

Thousands of electric scooters are currently circulating in major Asian cities, which helps to decontaminate and accelerate traffic. For this reason, European countries have their sights set on this rapidly growing market. Even many of them have introduced financing and buying guidelines for a scooter.

In the most important cities in the world such as California, Mexico, Madrid or Buenos Aires, the public can rent an electric scooter to change trains. They are available at stations in different parts of the city.

Features of an electric scooter

The scooter models available on the market today are diverse. There are those that are smaller, similar to a skateboard. There is also the model that looks like the classic scooter. Another model looks like a golf cart and can have 3 or 4 wheels.

Among other things, they have to improve their performance. Especially to compete with his gasoline brothers. First, the speed is always slower. In order to be approved as an electric vehicle, they must not exceed 45 km / h.

Autonomy is one of the main obstacles that need to be overcome, as the currently available obstacles can travel approximately 60 kilometers between loads. The batteries available today are lithium-ion batteries, although various technologies are being developed to replace them.

Loading time is another aspect that needs to be improved. Although scooters don’t need a special charger like electric cars. They are equipped with special chargers that are connected to the conventional network. This way, they can be charged at home or in the office by simply plugging them into the wall outlet.

The last aspect that needs to be improved is the quality of the materials, since many of them are very weak. You can only transport one person without suffering from speed, autonomy and performance.

In any case, there are already European manufacturers who are changing the market to adapt them to the needs of the cities of the continent. By making scooters that are better tailored to users’ preferences. It is important to optimize:

  • speed
  • autonomy
  • robustness
  • Comfort
  • Price

Undoubtedly, electric scooter manufacturers will look for a way to achieve their intended goals. The aim is to make the electric scooter the preferred vehicle for driving in the city.

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