Electronic ink survives in the age of digital displays

We live in the age of digital screens and they surprise us more and more with the reality of their images and their vivid colors. The digital screens of cell phones, monitors and smart TVs are being overcome day by day and the electronic ink is being pushed out. However, the benefits show that this is a technology that shouldn’t go away.

electronic ink

What is electronic ink?

Electronic ink is not like the one we know from pens. It’s a polymer or gel that has millions of tiny titanium capsules floating in it. Some of these capsules are white and some are black, and all of them are charged with electricity.

Each of the capsules contains two transmitters, one positive and one negative. Depending on the load taken, it can rise to the surface of the screen. In this way, they form the pixels that make up letters or pictures. The higher the quality of the screen, the higher the gray levels it contains. It can have up to 16 levels of gray.

The benefits it offers keep it up to date

The benefits also affect the environment and people. The environment is favored by reducing the amount of paper and ink used with the conventional method. 12 to 15 trees are needed to produce one ton of paper.

electronic ink

People benefit from less stress on their eyesight. The digital ink screen is not bright. This is enough to rest your eyes. Anyone can read one of these screens for hours without straining their eyes.

In addition, the electronic ink screen is not backlit, nor does it need to be updated to keep the image visible. All of these help to extend the cell phone battery life. An e-book reader can be switched on for many hours because the battery does not discharge.

It also has some drawbacks, image quality is only good enough for letters, numbers, and some basic images. It also doesn’t offer a variety of colors. In addition, screen refresh is slow compared to cell phones.

Learn about the present and future of electronic ink

It is the protagonist of electronic book readers. Despite the fact that several tests were carried out on different devices, it was never successful. Dual-screen phones in which an era of electronic ink, smartwatches, electronic typewriters. Each of them have been taken off the market for one reason or another.

E-book readers rest their eyes

People who like to read on the screen prefer e-books. Despite the pandemic, a new e-book reader with an electronic ink screen was launched in 2020. This device is distinguished for two reasons: It has a folding screen like a printed book and allows you to add notes to the edge or the bottom of the page.

This is a good sign of electronic ink. They keep developing projects in which they are involved. And that’s all very good for the benefits it offers. It will surely stay in place in devices specifically designed to take advantage of its benefits.

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