Elevators that work with the mind

what is Kone? It is a Finnish company. It has recently set out to apply futuristic technology to its products. Thus they developed elevators that work with the mind.

is it possible to call the elevator using one’s own brain connections? It is not science fiction. The pilot experience takes place in Helsinki. The user wears a horizontal headband from Emotiv. It has seven small prongs that connect to different parts of the head.

Mind-operated elevators already exist. It is not a dream.
Mind-powered elevators already exist. It is not a dream.

Active thinking

The user was asked to visualize the chords of a song. At that point, elevator quickly descended to its floor. Maciej Kranz is executive vice president and chief technology officer at Kone. He explained, “Those neural signals via software managed to open and close the elevator.”

It is an experiment based on premotor brain activity, that which gives the commands to perform an action. It is the area that prepares the hand before playing an instrument. This brain activity data is processed by artificial intelligence. The thought patterns are combined to provide functions, in this case, elevator control.

For this development, Kone partnered with UnSeen. This is a Finnish production, design and technology company.

The elevator experience may be very different in the future.
The experience of an elevator may be very different in the future.


“It shows what connectivity in elevators could mean,” Kranz advanced. “Elevators are also part of smart urban environments.”

“It’s one of the first in the world to incorporate connectivity as a standard,” said Sergio Alvarez. He is director of sales, marketing and communication at Kone Ibérica.

Mind-powered elevators are much more than just a box that carries us. It interacts and communicates with other devices. For example, you can call the elevator from your smartphone. Also from a voice assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa. And, if a breakdown occurs, the device itself notifies the technical service. It can be updated over time as the uses or needs of its tenants change.

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