Elitetorrent: History and Alternative Sites

Taking into account how it is the downloads by Torrent throughout the world, especially in Spain which is what most affects us, it is common for us to remember in those pages which so many and so many hours of enjoyment you have given us and that have already fallen. New options are continuously, but in them we do not always find what we seek.

One of the biggest has been Elitetorrent and although it has not fallen is definitely very different from what it was in its infancy.

Without further ado, let’s analyze a little bit of his history

🤔 History of Elitetorrent

This great portal of torrents Spanish, was founded in the year 2004 and had no problem until it came to the law of Intellectual Property, as so many others. It was at that moment when you receive a complaint, following this law that would force him to remove the content that was copyright.

The administrator, at least the original administrator, shut down the web before entering the law into force, which made him avoid it and thus not have to face any sanction.

In Spain, Elitetorrent went on to become the second page of downloads most popular (being located behind MejorTorrent). However, although since the closure have appeared many clones that tried to recover the original quality, the service providers of the Internet began to block, coming up to the point of that, or really was an understanding of the Internet, or you followed a tutorial to go changing DNS, or it was completely impossible.


The portal closed your means of distribution of content through P2P networks that had been in effect for a period of time of 13 years, so their disappearance did not leave anyone indifferent. It is true that from the moment in which it was founded had many problems for groups, anti-piracy, even by ISP, but until that time, he was coping well problems.

With the blocking of Internet providers, the updating of the content, which until that time had remained constant and at its height, began to spread. Other pages, that they had weathered problems up to that point, began to draw upon contents, which made Elitetorrent began to lose adherents.

The definitive day of the closing was that in which appeared the following message if attempting to access the portal:

“Statement on the closure of Elitetorrent.net it has Not been an easy decision, but after 13 years, the web Elitetorrent.net closes its doors. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and can forgive me the mistakes. Now we step to Eliteros.com, a website for fans of the film and the series, to share tastes, reviews, ratings, recommendations, news and videos. I hope you like it. We will expand with a more extensive explanation and details coming soon”.

👍 Appear the relay EliteTorrent

We are at a point of time in which EliteTorrent has disappeared and they begin to put in place new proposals. A rumor was that it would be Eliteros, a project, something strange, that I was going to take over the reins of the fall of this well-known web. It seems that the administrators have learned from the experience and montarían a new platform that would allow them to expand as before.

Before that were to happen the close to-be-launched a website called Etcache.me with the aim of saving them all the torrents in the database, and thus be able to use them to continue with the downloads. However, these plans did not come out at all well. Later would receive a complaint on the part of the “motion picture Association of the united States” in relation to who had violated the rights of author, so that this plan never saw the light.

It is now possible to find functional clones of EliteTorrentwith content more or less up to date. The only thing that there is to be careful of is not to download files a fraudulent website, since we can take more of an unpleasant surprise.

But it is also possible that the browser will report a site that is fraudulent, when in fact it is safe (a behavior of Google Chrome which is quite normal).

If we have any doubt about whether a website is or is not secure, the best we can do is take a look at their opinions.

🤙 What websites are there similar to Elite Torrent?

Although you can say that EliteTorrent was the best page of this type of subject, today there are many others that can work just as well. On this website, we’ve talked a little bit about the web Plusdede that many visits you have per day. Also we’ve analyzed Torrentz2 and of course we’ve spoken of other alternatives such as Better Torrenteven of Emuparadise.

Elitetorrent: History and alternative sites.


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