Email Marketing Guide For Beginners

Email marketing is one digital marketing technique This uses email to attract potential customers or conduct a commercial exchange. It is a direct channel through which the content can be tailored to each consumer, which is why it usually produces better results.

With email marketing, you can use email to drive traffic and prospects to a company.

In email marketing, one of the most important things to remember is that the fact that a user is “opening” their mailbox and allowing communication is very important. If you’re invited, you don’t have to send spam or abuse of trust and you have to offer something valuable at all times in every new email.

How do I use email marketing?

First of all, it is important to create a mailing list. With that in mind, not only can you send emails, you have to “ask for permission”. The best way to do this is to invite them to join a mailing list. Incentives can be offered for this. Most often, downloadable content such as an e-book or course is given away in exchange for subscription. These incentives are known as “lead magnets” and must be accompanied by a call-to-action inviting the user to become a subscriber.

When creating a mailing list, it’s not just important to “ask for permission” and offer an appropriate “lead magnet” related to the topic of the company. It is also important to comply with the data protection law of each area. Although the legality is somewhat extensive at this point, it is sufficient to Follow the basic rulesCreate forms with double “opt-in” (so users are sure what they are subscribing to) and have an easy way to unsubscribe.

It is also important that the first email sent is welcome. This email is typically used to highlight an offer and send the subscriber to visit the most read articles on a webpage. Most of the email marketing services in the market have tools to automate the sending of these welcome emails, or to create a series of emails that are sent automatically, making it very easy to create a strategy.

On the other hand, the first few emails shouldn’t be used for sales, but as part of an email marketing strategy. It’s important to strike a balance between emails with sales offers and emails that only offer valuable content. This can be a difficult point, but over time it is easy to know how many sales and informational emails to send. With that in mind, it depends on each attendee list, so it’s important Analyze shipment data to find out what works best with subscribers.

In order to maintain this subscriber list and avoid spam reports, it is important to offer valuable content. With this in mind, every email sent must offer something interesting to the subscriber, be it additional information or exclusive offers. At the same time, sending shouldn’t be abused, which means it’s never a good idea to send two or three emails a day.

Most of the time, sending one a day isn’t even a good idea. However, if you commit to sending an email every week or every month, You have to meet the deadlinesOtherwise, subscribers will forget that they are subscribed to the list. When a new email is sent, it may be moved to the trash.

Finally, it is very important to regularly analyze the list of participants. This will allow you to delete all the users who did not open the emails during the set period of time, those who marked them as spam, and also those who do not interact with them. In the same way, when analyzing the behavior of subscribers, it is possible to segment the list and create segments for those users who are interested in purchasing the products, for those who only want free products and offers, as well as for those who who are interested in a single topic.

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