Embedding videos also benefits search engine optimization

Contrary to what has always been thought, content embedded by other websites like YouTube or Facebook has the equal weight for SEO positioning a website as the content is loaded from its own server.

If the page with the embedded video is more relevant, this page will be shown when you do a Google search.

The weight of embedded video content versus native content, that is, videos uploaded directly to the server, has always raised doubts among SEO professionals. The general consensus was that your own content carried more weight as it helped improve the SEO of a site that offered “extra” authority.

In one of the conversations that John Mueller, Google SEO expert, had with users, one of them asked about this topic. Specifically, he asked if there was a difference between embedding a video on a webpage and uploading it directly to the server from a search engine positioning perspective. In this sense, Müller stated this there is no difference In terms of SEO weight between a proprietary and an embedded video.

In this sense, contrary to popular belief when it comes to SEO, Google treats proprietary and embedded multimedia content equally. This is because, when a page has its own videos, it takes up a different place within the CDN (content delivery network, or distribution networks, a group of servers installed in different locations that “send” the content to different geographic parts) ) the search engine is “Technically” from another websiteThis corresponds to an embedded video.

What is really important to Google is that the content loads quickly and correctly so that the user can enjoy the video content. In this case, the rest does not matter.

However, it is important for users to know which page is displayed: the content page or the YouTube page. With that in mind, it all depends on which of the two offers more information on the topic or specific search. If Google thinks that the website offers more value to the user, it will be displayed on the Google results page. Conversely, if the YouTube page shows better results for that search, it will show it.

Below is the video with all of Mueller’s lectures on this topic:

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