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The digital marketing industry has an important date in September with the celebration of the thirteenth edition of the EMMS Congress, a leading event in communication and online advertising in Latin America and Spain, organized and held by the Doppler company in virtual form.

Between October 19 and October 23, attendees will be able to take advantage of an extensive digital marketing program for free, which will bring the latest developments in the industry to the table in various parameters such as e-commerce, education, banking and finance, tourism and innovation. This online congress in Spanish, the registration of which is open to the public on its website, Increase your working days from one to five days to improve expert presentations and thus offer the participants a detailed analysis on each topic. To register, click here!

Each day of the EMMS is dedicated to a specific sector and consists of an intervention by an expert, the presentation of a success case, a workshop work and a network room reserved for Doppler users. The aim is to offer an event that follows the forefront of digital marketing and where attendees can share their views, thus creating an ideal environment for collaboration. Participants can broadcast more than 25 hours that they can follow from anywhere in the world through a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The last edition of EMMS had approximately 34,000 registered participants and the goal of the organization for 2020 is to surpass that number.

An event in continuous growth

The development of Doppler’s EMMS has paralleled the importance of digital marketing in business and in today’s society. Since its first edition, it has become a benchmark in its industry among the Spanish-speaking public. From its beginnings in Argentina, the event spread to other Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Mexico and the Dominican Republic until it arrived in Spain. Since 2014, conferences have been streamed online to reach audiences around the world, enabling massive attendance.

One of the most recent additions was to allow attendees to vote for the experts who wanted them to attend the event. this has led international digital marketing professionals like Manuela Villegas, Vero Ruiz del Vizo, Marcos Pueyrredón or Julia Rayeb.

The expectations for this year’s EMMS are to exceed the records of previous years in terms of attendance and quality of its speakers. This is the focus of the work of Doppler, a mailing, automation and data marketing agency that has now become A benchmark in the Spanish-speaking market with offices in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and the USA. With events like this, it strengthens this hegemonic role and spreads its brand value even more.

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