Empire Market, the largest supermarket for illegal services on the dark web, is disappearing

Dark web data leaks

The dark web is the most requested place on the internet when it comes to doing all kinds of illegal business, such as buying drugs. It was the place where the most famous illegal substances trading sites like The Silk Road and Alphabay flourished and fell. After these two locations disappeared, Empire Market replaced them as the Amazon of Drugs, at least until now.

Empire Market, the illicit trafficking website with the most traffic on the dark web, has been offline for three days

Three days ago, Empire Market is downstairs. The causes of the website’s disappearance are unknown, but it usually has two possible reasons: either the administrators are arrested or they disappear with the users’ money (usually in cryptocurrencies).

In the case of Empire Market, users who wanted to sell their products on the website had to do so a deposit in cryptocurrencies It was managed by administrators. This control allows these administrators to close the Empire Market and keep the deposited funds.

No one has access to your Empire Market account, whether they are a buyer or a seller. A moderator on the site fears the site administrators fled with the money and has stated that he is “devastated and ashamed of the Decision of the administrator“This would rule out the possibility of an arrest that was not made public, as would the arrest of the owner of the Silk Road.

The Empire Market didn’t just sell drugs. The catalog of illegal objects and services contained false documents (passports, driver’s licenses, etc.) and all kinds of malware. Although the amount of money that could be stored on Empire Market is unknown as it is the most traffic illegal trading site, it is estimated to be at least a million dollars.

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