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What is the thing that is most valued today? You might think it’s something material, a jewel, a new car… but in reality what is most scarce is something immaterial like time. If you think about it, all day long we are running from one place to another, with no place to enjoy what we most want to do because we are eaten up by pending tasks.

When you realize how important it is to have time, you have already taken a step forward to recover it and enjoy it to the fullest. Now it only remains to see how to make more time available without compromising irreplaceable obligations such as work or childcare.

Household chores are also essential, but to spend less time on them without neglecting them, technology can become a great ally that can also help us to save.

Thanks to apply the latest technological innovations in the home, and the Internet of Things, you can turn your home into a digital home (or Smart Home) that allows you to perform your household tasks faster, automating many of them. This, which you might think requires a large investment, is within the reach of any pocket, as shown in Hogarsys, a website specialized in recommending the best technological products for the home in which you will see clearly and simply how you can apply this technology in your home and what advantages it has.

One of the main ones is the time you will be able to gain, which will allow you to dedicate it to practice sports, your favorite hobbies or meet more with your family and friends. On this website you can find out which devices can help you build your own smart home and turn your current home into a place more adapted to technology.

This is not something that is only within the reach of the richest pockets, but you can make a small investment to start dogmatizing your home. For example, a first step would be to install wifi switches and smart plugs, which are inexpensive and allow you to amortize the small expense they require thanks to the savings you will notice in your electricity bill.

Step by step, according to your possibilities, you can expand the acquisition of technological products to turn your home into a real digital home. In this sense, another option may be to install smart light bulbs, to save on electricity consumption, as well as intelligent climate control systems (wifi thermostats, electric fireplaces, portable air conditioners, ceiling fans, evaporative coolers, electric radiators, air purifiers …) or home security (electronic locks, video intercoms, spy cameras, outdoor surveillance cameras, digital peepholes, alarms without fees, safes …).

Also in the kitchen you can benefit from the advantages of installing the latest technology, such as oil-free fryers, express coffee makers, food processors, microwaves, capsule coffee makers… that will make your life easier. As you go home automation, you will see how you progressively save and, in the same way, you will have more free time. You won’t have to worry about everyday household chores because the technology will do all that work for you.

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