“Error 0xc000007b” in Windows: what it is and how to fix it

Error 0xc000007b in Windows is a very common failure that prevents users from running certain applications on the Microsoft operating system. This is usually due to conflicts between 32-bit and 64-bit software versions or also due to problems with system files.

If you want to know more about its causes and how to fix error 0xc000007bin this article where you will find some quick and simple solutions so that you can use your programs again without any problems.

Why does Error 0xc000007b appear?

Error 0xc000007b, known as “The application could not start correctly,” can frustrate Windows users. The message usually appears for various reasons and its presence could pose a technical challenge for computer experts or novices. These are some causes that cause it:

-Corrupted files: There is a possibility that there are damaged or corrupt files, such as DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) that are essential for the operation of the software, or application-specific internal files.

-Outdated drivers: Another cause of the error may be that the drivers are outdated. In fact, the combination of corrupt files and outdated drivers creates an unstable atmosphere that does not allow applications to run properly, which could result in that annoying Error 0xc000007b message.

-Missing DLL files: The problem may be linked to missing DLL files or specific Visual C++ components. Remember that these are essential for the optimal functioning of the software.

-Malware on the computer: The presence of malware on your computer cannot be ruled out. You should know that when malware infiltrates the system, it can corrupt, delete or even encrypt files crucial for the correct functioning of the applications, which could cause this type of errors. What’s more, the presence of malicious software on your computer not only affects the stability of the system, but also compromises the security of your data.

Solutions for Error 0xc000007b

We suggest that you first identify the cause of Error 0xc000007b appearing in your Windows so that you can opt for some of these solutions that we will show you below:

Restart your computer

To begin, it is always advisable to restart the computer. As simple as looking for the “Start Button” in the lower left corner of your computer, locate the “Shut Down Button” and click on the “Restart” option.

photo of restarting computer

It is a simple action, but it could solve many isolated problems. If the error persists, then you will need to take other actions to try to fix the problem.

Run the program as administrator

You can try this action, which consists of running the program with administrator permissions. This is easy on Windows. You just have to right-click on the application icon and select the option called “Run as administrator.”

photo of run administrator

It is a method that could resolve the error because it grants the program the necessary permissions to access all system resources.

Reinstall the program

Another solution that could be effective is to uninstall the Windows application that is generating the error and reinstall it. When you do this, all the required files and resources will be copied appropriately and it could be useful for you to now open the program.

You just have to go to the “Home Button”, look for the application, on the right side an information box will open and click on “Uninstall”.

photo of how to uninstall application

You can also use this option by opening the “Control Panel”, then “Programs” and “Uninstall program”.

After that, reinstall it and perform a test.

Check if you have the Windows .NET Framework updated

It is important that you verify if you have the most recent version of the .NET Framework for Windows. This platform is key for the proper functioning of many applications and its lack or outdated can produce not only Error 0xc000007b, but also other similar errors.

To find out if it is installed and the version, locate the “Start Button” on your computer, open “Control Panel”, then click on “Programs”. All the ones you have installed will be shown there and the version will appear next to it (in this example the program is not downloaded).

photo of how to search for the Windows .NET Framework program

If you do not have it installed, go to the official Microsoft .NET Framework page https://dotnet.microsoft.com/es-es/download/dotnet-framework and you can obtain it safely and for free.

Repair the files

The system’s own file repair tool may help you restore lost functionality. You just have to enter the command prompt by pressing the Windows “Start Button”, a strip will open to search and type “CMD” for the program to appear, right-click and click on “Open as administrator”.

photo of system symbols in windows

Once in this interface, enter the command chkdsk /r and confirm with the “Enter” key. In this way, the command will activate an exhaustive search for damaged files on the system and then offer to repair them.

Perform a deep analysis of your computer

We suggest you use a reliable antivirus program to start a thorough scan of your system. This analysis can reveal the presence of malware, the intrusion of which could be the cause of the problem.

deep analysis photo in windows

Look in the app drawer for “Antivirus and Threat Protection,” open it, click on “Scan Options,” choose “Full Scan,” and then click “Scan Now.”

Restores the operating system

You can try to restore your computer’s operating system to a previous point where the system worked without problems. This action could be useful when you have installed updates that have negatively affected certain system functions. If you return to a previous state, any changes that could have caused the error are removed.

Please note that restoring the operating system will not affect your personal files, although it does revert recent updates and settings.

photo restore system in windows

To carry out this process, you must click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner, type “System Restore” and click on “Create a restore point.” Press the “System Restore” button, then “Next” and continue the steps indicated by the wizard.

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