ESA will send two dolls to the Moon

It is curious the owner of this news, but it is very real, you are not reading a joke information medium. ESA will send two dolls to the Moon in his next mission, which will take place in June 2020, and has even baptized them and all with the names of Helga and Zohar. But what is the reason for this decision? We will see it immediately.

And, although it seems surprising, the fact of sending these two mannequins to the Moon, although they are ‘baptized’ and everything, in fact has its explanation. ESA intends measure the radiation level that exists in the environment of the Moon, and for this, these two dolls will have an important role.

To carry out the mission, the European space agency will launch both dolls in 2020 inside an American ship known as Orion. From it they will orbit the Earth's natural satellite to perform its measurements.

ESA will send two dolls to the Moon to measure radiation in the lunar environment

ESA will send two dolls to the Moon that will be the first mannequins to travel to the satellite. To do this, they will travel as simulated passengers within the first Orion mission that will make the lunar orbit while measuring radiation.

For the mission to succeed, both Helga and Zohar, the mannequins that will travel on the ship, will be made based on materials that will have broad resemblance to the density of human organs, so that its structure resembles the body of any individual.

Together with the two dolls, the ship will travel to the Moon with more than 5500 sensors able to measure the radiation emitted by galactic space rays That collide with the satellite. Remember that these rays come from beyond the Solar System, although, in this case, the radiation that comes from the Sun and that reaches the satellite will also be measured.

The choice of dolls, and not dolls, is because the female body is by nature more vulnerable to radiation. Since there are more and more female astronauts embarked on space missions and manned trips to the Moon are just around the corner, as it is even intended to create a colony there in the coming years, it is important to know how the human body will adapt to That hostile environment.

In addition, the doll called Zohar will travel equipped with protective vest With special design for orbital flights, complement that Helga will not carry.

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