EU sanctioned violence against women

The European Union has taken steps to sanction violence against women. Domestic violence, sexual assault, and gender-based discrimination are issues that plague many women, particularly those in developing countries. The EU has recognized the severity of these crimes and their implications, making steps to fight them both domestically and internationally.

In the month that commemorates the “International Women’s Day” worldwide, the EU sanctioned officials and entities from 6 countries, for exercising violence against women. The facts were related to abuse and sexual violence.

Violence against women
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The countries sanctioned were Russia, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma, South Sudan and Iran. Among the officials sanctioned are 2 ministers, as well as police and military officers. Also included is the Qarchak women’s prison in Iran for repeated cases of torture. The sanctions include the freezing of various assets in the EU of the nations involved.

EU’s fight to reduce violence against women.

In March 2022, the EU proposed a set of rules to combat violence against women and domestic violence. Basically, crimes such as rape, mutilation, cyber-violence, dissemination of intimate images or cyberstalking, among others, were criminalized.

The different governments were also encouraged to centralize everything related to the issue, in the same place, Whereby, receiving complaints, requests for protection and support services, could be administered from the same office.

It was also recommended that protection and support be offered through toll-free telephone lines that victims could access. As well as a special support service for women who were involved in high-risk conflicts or who were threatened with weapons.

Violence against women

EU intervention achieves some improvement of the problem.

On an annual basis, the EU presents a report related to the progress and improvements of the problem. According to this presentation, during the pandemic, women’s labor force decreased and cases of violence increased.

However, as of 2021, there were significant advances in the levels of economic retribution and minimum wages for women, making a direct comparison with men’s wages.

Violence against women and girls is a major violation of human rights. The consequences suffered by the victims are very serious and can even lead to death.

Unfortunately, the measures taken are not sufficient, and in numerous cases go unpunished. Promoting an end to violence against women is the responsibility of each one of us.

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