Europe will travel to the Moon in 2025

As announced, Europe will travel to the Moon in 2025. Apparently, the success of the Chang’e mission 4 The Chinese space agency has spurred other countries and continents in full swing to bring attention back to our only natural satellite.

Recall that, after the arrival of man on the moon now 50 years ago, and after a few years of real interest, the lack of public attention on the satellite caused his exploration to be gradually abandoned, at least in manned missions.

However, China set a goal to achieve a great achievement, and obtained it by moon landing on the moon's hidden face for the first time, what has made the ESA, the European Space Agency, it has been proposed to begin investigating our satellite in detail, and even intends to take astronauts in 2030.

Europe will travel to the Moon in 2025 and take humans in 2030

For this mission, ESA has already commissioned the design of a new ship to the agency ArianeGroup, so that you start exploring the satellite in 2025 with the help of a moon landing module.

At the moment, the European space agency has not approached the Moon, so, if this mission was successful and it came to fruition, we would be facing a historic milestone, as it would be the first time that astronauts and astronomers from the old continent We look at this satellite.

For now, the main objective is the regolith scan. This is a mineral that can be extracted, and from which great benefits can be obtained, because it has oxygen and water.

If the extraction and exploration of the regolith is successful, it could serve to create lunar colonies with autonomous and continuous human presence. And this is how Europe wants to claim its place in the conquest of space, where the United States and China are already reaching great goals, closely followed by Russia and Japan.

This would be a good time to travel to the Moon, since we know the satellite much better than 50 years ago. It is now known that its surface has the capacity to house a lot of water, which would facilitate the human presence there.

This project is intended to be purely European. In fact, the ship would be launched with the shuttle Arianne 6, and all the equipment would be manufactured by companies of the old continent. Over time we will see what this project is.

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