Everything we know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 release

Xiaomi has a lot of devices on the market, suffice it to mention that it has some of the best cell phones of 2022. It also has some of the best activity wristbands, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 which is expected to be excellent value for money, although full details are not yet known.

Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi Band 7 and some details have come to light.

Although all the features and specifications have not been fully revealed, the preview given by Xiaomi is enough to get a good idea of what it will offer. In addition, a leaked image has given a hint of what the smartband might cost. What is not known for sure is whether the device will feature GPS.

For starters, the launch date has been revealed, as the smartband hit the Chinese market yesterday along with the Redmi Note 11T, this information was exposed by the official poster. Another crucial point is that the smartband’s display will be OLED and will have larger measurements than the current wristband. Despite the photo that is circulating, it is complicated to notice the difference through the photo. We will have to wait for the measurements of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 to be revealed.

A big plus is that the battery capacity will increase to 250 mAh. This is double that found in the Mi Band 6, which only possesses 125 mAh. Several rumors claim that the wristband will have a power saving mode and will include the always-on display feature.

Price and availability

The amount is not the official one, but they assure that the variant with the NFC chip will cost around 40 euros. Similarly, it is possible that the model for the United States and Europe will undergo modifications and will be sold a little more expensive, but the increase would not be too much. As for the global launch, there is no official date, although it could be released within a few weeks.

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