Everything you always wanted to know about Bitcoin [Vídeo]

The world of cryptocurrencies is huge, but there is clearly a superstar: Bitcoin. In recent years, the name of the first cryptocurrency has gone into the public domain and has become a coveted item, almost as if it were digital gold.

But … what exactly is Bitcoin? If you’re not entirely sure what makes Bitcoin one of the biggest revolutions on the internet, watch our explanatory video and find out everything you always wanted to know but never dared to ask.

Without a doubt, cryptocurrencies and all that they comprise operate in complicated terrain that is difficult to understand even for those who may be considered veterans of the networks. That’s why we explain it in the video Birth of Bitcoin by the mysterious Mr. Nakamoto, its fluctuations in value (from a few cents in the beginning to more than 30,000 euros today), and why people have decided that it is worth paying tens of thousands of euros for a bitcoin.

In addition, we explain all the technical concepts that are usually put aside as they are overshadowed by the enormous potential that Bitcoin uses to generate money. How to get them, what is Bitcoin mining, what technology makes it possible, and what is periodic and inevitable halving.

With this video, which is intended to be the first chapter in any attempt to explain cryptocurrencies, we also start a section with videos and tutorials in which all key concepts of the crypto world are explained and made accessible.

If you’d like us to analyze your preferred cryptocurrency (no matter how unknown or new it may be) to explain the concept of trade that you resist, let us know in the comments as we will consider this for future videos will.

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