Everything you can see for free on the main VOD platforms

The coronavirus pandemic restriction will be much longer than we would like, and although most of us want it most at this point, we can at least go for a walk if we don't resume normal activity, it requires inmates keep at home. We are also going on a very unusual Easter holiday, the economy is suffering … In a panorama, it is literally dantesque and we are lucky that we do not fall victim to the infection.

But we are not here to recreate ourselves in misery. We have just started the fourth week of compulsory delivery and know what lies ahead. So let's put a thick veil over the situation and give us pleasure, even if it takes a while. To make it a little easier, we bring you a compilation All the places where you can watch movies and series in a completely legal way for free, as part of the offer of the main video-on-demand platforms operating in Spain.

In other words, we are reviewing this manual What you can find today on the main video-on-demand platforms operating in SpainAnd there is a little bit of everything: those who do not even offer a test phase, those who have extended it or who have made free content available to people in an extraordinary way, or others who have already worked with the «everything for free». It is in alphabetical order, so we end up with the one you expect, which also has its own.

The video portal from Streaming Amazon is currently one of the most recommended alternatives for both the economic and the huge catalog it collects. In addition, it contains more and more content in original quality. If you're already an Amazon Prime user, it's included in the package. If not, you can access a 30 days trial period. Then it will cost you EUR 3.99 a month or EUR 36 a year as part of the Amazon Prime subscription.

Regardless of the normal conditions, Amazon Prime Video has also provided many free films and series for the little ones in the house that they can watch for free. As we told you about Amazon Music a few days ago, all you need is an Amazon account to enjoy it without payment, with the advantage that it also contains no advertising.

Apple TV + arrived in Spain last November with very little and they haven't added much since then, but if you're bored and have a compatible device, that's it 7 days trial period They offer to polish some of their most interesting series that they have. For the recommendation of one, Mythical search It is really refreshing. If you choose to subscribe, it costs 4.99 euros per month.

However, Disney + only landed in our country a few weeks ago, with a catalog full of classics … from Disney, yes, but also from Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, among others. Again, they are fair 7 days trial period and with so much material they are too short. If you don't choose to continue paying the $ 6.99 a month it costs, you'd better not get involved The MandalorianYou have half of it and you see some of the hundreds of films they offer.

The Spanish independent cinema platform stopped the trial period some time ago.

On the other hand there is FlixOlé, the "Netflix of Spanish films", in which you have a 14 days trial periodAfter that, you can continue to see what you want for just € 2.99 a month. It is true that Spanish cinema is not the most, but it has interesting little things. Don't despise him.

HBO is one of the most popular VoD services in Spain and the world thanks to its original, high quality content. they offer 2 weeks trial period where you can swallow enough depending on your boredom and ability. But don't get confused when you get started that many of his great series consist of multiple seasons. Three recommendations you can consume with Chernobyl, Westworld and, to name one of their most memorable classics: Rome. Then it costs you 8.99 euros a month.

Mitele is the online platform of Mediaset, one of the two major private communication groups in Spain. Among the mostly free offers you will find programs, series and films for television.

Movistar + Lite has been a platform independent of the company's services for several months. So you don't have to be a customer to sign up. They have their own films, series, programs and various payment channels. The price is 8 euros per month, but due to the limitation they have increased it one-month trial periodthat there is enough to see.

Netflix is ​​the queen of VOD and so plays its cards: if they offer a test month, they no longer offer anything.

Plex may be the most popular alternative on the list, but if you don't mind the content of its new platform Streaming Almost all of them are in the second row and a bit old, and you understand English well. Everything they offer can be viewed for free … with advertising from time to time.

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is not one of the most popular VoD offers in Spain, but one of the most flexible: they do not have original content, but allow you to rent and buy first films and to subscribe to a reduced catalog by 6 euros for 99 euros per month one-month trial.

However, the most interesting thing for the moment we have to live in is that, in addition to some documentaries and children's content, they offer many films for free to watch. You register and without paying a cent, you can swell to see everything … Until when? Until the end of the detention, it is assumed that they will do some advertising in this case.

The broad spectrum of RTVE à la carte content usually goes unnoticed because it is already broadcast on television. However, the Spanish TV archive is huge and there is everything from very bad to very good. current and historical series, programs, documentation … all free of charge, without advertising and without limitsWe paid it with our taxes. From classics like Stories of not sleeping to recent successes such as The Ministry of Time and much more.

But here, too, RTVE has expanded a bit due to the limitation, and if you like Spanish cinema, you have started the Somos Cine program, where you can find many other films of all genres and eras.

In the style of Rakuten TV, but with the deduction of the premieres and the addition of several payment channels and some original series (for example those mentioned above ChernobylSky España is one of the least conspicuous VOD offers right from the start. However, they do offer one one-month trial period and they have enough films and series in the catalog.

Finally … YouTube, if not. Because as you know YouTube is full of EVERYTHING and freeeven at the expense of swallowing advertising; This also includes series and films that sneak up without Google noticing, although the technical quality usually leaves something to be desired. But let's not focus on what shouldn't be, but on everything else that is indeed the most interesting documentary. No matter what youtubersThere is information, films, short films, series of all kinds on YouTube … and not just anything: Some of the most popular children's series have official channels and have published everything there.

There is also the YouTube originals, exclusive productions that are mostly of no interest but with exceptions. For example series like Cobra Kay, origin Weird city They were received with good ratings and are unnecessary to pass the time. And although we're still waiting for Google to offer them for free as promised, you can join free month to see the highlights and by the way remove YouTube ads.

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