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A monthly connection fee must be paid to view the content of an audiovisual streaming platform such as Netflix. However, the company has enabled a range of content that can be viewed “openly”. no need to pay for them.

You don’t need to provide any bank details to watch Netflix’s free content

It’s kind of an aspiration to attract users. Netflix lets you subscribe to the catalog for free for a month – which other streaming platforms do – but you’ll need to provide your email address, personal details, and even bank details. With this new option, the company opens some titles of its content offering so that everyone can see them without having to subscribe.

There aren’t many right now, some episodes of some series, a couple of films and a documentary. There is some content for kids too, although Netflix has stated that it is a tentative list and that it will add titles and remove some others from the free offering over the coming weeks.

this is that List of available content free today:

Stranger Things – Season 1 Episode 1
Secret on Board – Adam Sandler Film exclusively for Netflix
Elite – Season 1 Episode 1
Boss in Diapers – Back to Work – Season 1 Episode 1
Bird Box – Netflix exclusive film
This is how they see us – Episode 1 of the miniseries
Love is Blind – Season 1 Episode 1
The Two Popes – in film with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce
Our Planet – Season 1 Episode 1
Grace & Frankie – Season 1 Episode 1

How to watch free Netflix content

All you need to do to watch the free content on Netflix is ​​go to www.Netflix.com and select “Watch Free”. There you access the content that was previously available.

But … there’s a catch: Free Netflix content is only available for devices with an iOS operating system. That said, you can only access the free movies available to Netflix from your iPhone or iPad.

Of course, you can subscribe to and in the remaining devices Watch Netflix content for free for 30 days. Of course you have to enter your personal and billing information. They won’t charge you anything at the time of registration, but you must be careful and request your resignation from service before a month has passed. Otherwise you will receive the first receipt.

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