Everything you need to practice virtual cycling at home

Do you want to practice cycling, but don't have enough time to hit the road? Using a virtual cycling platform you can easily do it from home, without being cold, without getting wet and without being extremely hot.

Virtual cycling platforms have nothing to do with apps for cycling and save your journeys on your mobile phone. With them you can keep track of the kilometers you do, the calories expended, your heart rate and, if you wish, you can even practice cycling in a group from your living room.

Among the different cycling platforms to practice at home, there are two that are the most popular among users: BKOOL and Zwift. QIn order to fully enjoy the experience, you will need to equip yourself well and, above all, register on the platform that most attracts your attention. In this guide you will be able to know all the details.

What you need to practice virtual cycling

First of all, let me tell you that both simulators have a monthly fee, which in the case of BKOOL is 11 euros and Zwift is 15 euros. On the other hand, BKOOL is the oldest in the sector: it has been offering service since 2009 and is based in Spain. For its part, ZWIFT is newer and more focused on the social part of virtual cycling.

Likewise, to be able to run both platforms you will need a smart trainer or a bicycle, a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. In addition, another compatible device is Apple TV. Although you can imagine, for all this you will need an Internet connection.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to get sports clothing and, if you wish, a heart rate monitor or a sports smartwatch to keep track of everything related to your health.

BKOOL, the oldest to practice cycling from home

BKOOL is a cycling simulator that will allow you to practice cycling from your living room and in front of a screen. Something that will help you enjoy your training in a much more enjoyable way.

The first thing you will need to be able to use BKOOL as your indoor cycling simulator is to register on its official website (www.bkool.com). As you have read above, the monthly price of this platform is 11 euros per month – with a 14-day free trial – and 110 euros per year – giving you 2 free months of service. It also has a family plan with unlimited access for three users with an annual price of 123 euros (10.25 euros per month).

Once you are registered in the service, you must configure your equipment, whether it is a smart trainer or a smart bicycle. Later you will be able to check the difference between both teams.

Once the configuration is finished and everything is ready, it will be time to choose what you want to practice. And, in addition to being able to carry out guided cycling sessions -in the purest spinning style in the gym-, you can also carry out competitions. The latter consists of tests with other users of the platform, in which you can emulate being outdoors with your riding companions.

In addition, as if this were not enough, BKOOL also allows you to program personalized routes and sessions, allowing you to create your moments of greatest effort, sprints, etc.

ZWIFT, the most social platform to practice cycling from home

An alternative to BKOOL that appeared on the scene years later is ZWIFT. And why has it met expectations among users and become so popular among cyclists? Because in addition to being a perfect simulator for training cycling from your living room, it also has the best social part of all. Have you never thought about what it feels like to be the protagonist of a video game? With ZWIFT you can feel it, since the user is the protagonist of the race along with other participants from all over the world.

It is true that it does not have as many scenarios as BKOOL, but in part it does not matter: ZWIFT has a monthly calendar with different activities in which you can participate. And these range from races to more recreational outings to be able to walk with other users.

Here, as in the previous case, you must also register on their website (www.zwift.com). And their plans range from 15 euros per month to 149.99 euros per year with two free months of service as in the previous case.

ZWIFT is also compatible with different smart trainer equipment such as smart bikes. And it can be installed on Windows, Mac, Android and Apple TV computers.

Smart trainers and bikes for use with BKOOL and ZWIFT

Throughout the entire article you have been reading the terms 'smart rollers' and 'smart bikes'. But what are they really? Well, in order to get the most out of both platforms – and some more that are appearing on the market – you need to get one of these devices.

But before continuing, the best part about the two most popular platforms in the sector is that both simulators are compatible with the vast majority of trainers and smart bikes on the market.

Well, having said that, with smart rollers you can use your own bicycle, anchoring the back part – removing the rear wheel – and fitting it to the roller. This will be in charge of adjusting the hardness of the terrain through watts of power and which will require one effort or another. In addition, these usually work under Bluetooth or ANT+ technology. The latter works like Bluetooth, but without the need for prior pairing, instead compatible devices are paired automatically.

For their part, smart bicycles save you from having to buy trainers and an entire bicycle. Of course, forget about training on the road or in the mountains; These are only for use at home. And their prices do not go below 1,000 euros. Although you can always find offers that place prices around 600 euros.

Best models of rollers and smart bicycles to practice cycling at home

If you are already determined to practice cycling from your living room, now is the time to choose some trainers or a smart bike. Below you will find a small selection of the best models that you can find on the market:

BH ExerCycle

The well-known bicycle brand BH has several models of smart bicycles or smartbikes compatible with both ZWIFT and BKOOL. But the most interesting is the ExerCycle model. A bicycle that perfectly simulates a road bicycle that has support for smartphones and tablets up to 12.9 inches; It is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ technologies, as well as enjoying a power of 1,500 watts. You can find this model for a price of 1,800 euros.

Zycle ZBike 2.0

The Zycle company is specialized in smartbikes. And its most recent model is the ZBike 2.0. This bike is compatible with both simulators and fitness applications; that is: with guided spinning classes, for example. Likewise, the power it offers is 2,000 watts and its price ranges from 1,600 euros.

Stages SB20

It is the most expensive smartbike model that you will find on this list. Now, in its favor, it is the one that offers the most power: 2,200 watts. It also offers Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, as well as compatibility with different indoor cycling platforms. Its price is 2,500 euros.

Wahoo KICKR Core

If you already have a bicycle frame and what you need is a smart trainer, the Wahoo KICKR Core is one of the best options on the market, being compatible with most virtual cycling platforms. It has a maximum power of 1,600 watts, is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ technologies and its price is 600 euros.

Zycle Smart ZDrive

Another of the heavyweights on the list is this Zycle Smart ZDrive smart trainer, a trainer compatible with multiple platforms on the market. Its power is 1,800 watts. You can use it with both mountain and road bikes and with wheels up to 29 inches. Likewise, it has Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. And, if all this were not enough, in addition to being able to be connected to the mains, it is also compatible with external batteries. Its price is 700 euros.

Van Rysel D500

It is the most affordable smart trainer on the list (only 450 euros). This Van Ryselel D500 has a power of 1,500 watts and has a somewhat bulkier design than previous models. It is also compatible with most platforms on the market and its connectivity is Bluetooth and ANT+.

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