Excessive 38% price hike for Amazon Prime in Spain

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If you are an Amazon Prime user, today you will have woken up with an email that will not have been to your liking and that, possibly, will make you rethink whether to continue subscribing to Amazon’s premium service, which allows you to enjoy its streaming audiovisual content platform -Amazon Prime Video- and shopping without shipping costs in the world’s largest online store.

The new prices will take effect from September 15

Amazon has sent a mail informing that its Amazon Prime customers in Spain -and it is also the same in other European countries- will have to bear a very high price increase from next September 15.

The monthly plan will go from costing €3.99 to €4.99, which represents a 25% increase, while the annual plan goes from €36 (amount that was established in 2018 after the last increase by Amazon) to €49.90 per year. This represents an increase of 38.6%.

In its post, Amazon explains the causes of the exaggerated price increase. “The reasons for this change are due to the general and material increase in spending levels due to the increase in inflation that affects the specific costs of the Prime service in Spain and are due to external circumstances that do not depend on Amazon.”

However, it is worth noting that inflation, which is currently verging on 12%, is considerably lower than the 38.6% increase applied to annual plans, so the reason given by Amazon is not entirely convincing.

The company will apply the price increase for all new registrations that occur from next September 15, and also for renewals from that time made by users who are already subscribed to the premium service.

It should be noted that Spain is one of the European countries in which the annual subscription to Amazon Prime, despite the rise, is cheaper. For example in the UK it exceeds 110 euros at the exchange rate, while Amazon Prime users in France pay 69.90 euros per year. In Germany, the amount rises to 89.90 euros per year.

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