Exploitation of the moon: USA vs. Russia


The first would be to know what the Artemis agreements are. They were introduced by NASA a few weeks ago. Make it clear that ambitions on the moon go beyond walks. It is the first attempt to organize future exploration and sustainable exploitation of the moon for commercial purposes.

Introduced by Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator. He said: “They create a safe and transparent environment that facilitates exploration, science, and commercial activities for the enjoyment of all mankind.” The exploitation of the moon appears on the scene.

Exploitation of the moon creates tensions between the United States and Russia.
Exploitation of the moon creates tensions between the United States and Russia.
New rules

What do these agreements suggest? For starters, they propose conditions for governments and private companies who want to operate there. He says they should do it for peaceful purposes and with transparency.

He suggests that mutual help be provided in an emergency. Also publish the scientific data and knowledge obtained there. He suggests protecting the legacy and historical places on the moon, such as the place where Apollo 11 landed. He stressed that good space debris management is needed.

They are not just rules of conduct. The Artemis agreements also refer to the extraction of resources from the moon floor. This aspect is not mentioned in the UN space treaty. He talks about performing non-conflict operations and “avoiding harmful interference”. Propose the idea of ​​”safe areas”. It is argued that NASA and its allied countries must report the location and purpose of their lunar operations. So they can work in their safe areas.

The idea of ​​safe zones is in line with a regulation passed by the White House in April. He explains: “Americans must have the right to participate in the exploration, restoration and use of space resources.” USA “Space is not seen as a global common good.”

In the coming years, interest in the moon will skyrocket again.
In the coming years, interest in the moon will skyrocket again.
Tensions with Russia

Dmitry Rogozin, director of Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, showed his opposition to the Artemis agreements. “The principle of the invasion is the same whether on the moon or in Iraq,” Rogozin wrote on his Twitter.

The OST clearly says that no country will be able to appropriate areas in space. However, it says nothing about the use of resources extracted in space.

“Both USA Just like Russia has set the precedent that you can take things off the moon and claim them for yourself,” says Michelle Hanlon. She is co-director of the University of Mississippi space law program.

“There are people who see space as a common good and people who don’t. We will not be able to get into space safely and sustainably until both sides have reached an agreement. “

Mining and resource extraction on the moon still seems to be a science fiction idea. However, experts do not consider this to be impossible. Paul Byrne is a professor of planetary geology at North Carolina State University. You think that could happen in the next 20 years. But he believes these materials would serve to stay on the moon or go to Mars. Bringing resources from the moon to earth doesn’t seem to be profitable. Here they can be obtained much more easily. If there were metals like gold, they must be at depths that cannot be reached.

Facilities are expected to be built on the moon in the future.
Facilities are expected to be built on the moon in the future.
Build on the moon

It makes more sense to build an infrastructure on the moon. For example, there are deposits at the north and south poles of the moon that can contain billions of tons of ice. They can serve as rocket fuel.

Refilling vehicles on the moon could cut travel costs and allow longer stays.

The expert believes that interest in mining the moon will continue to grow. “It is inevitable that humans will have long-term commercial activities in space. The Artemis agreements are a first step to carry out these activities in a peaceful and collaborative manner.” Taking advantage of the moon is now a dream … closer each time.

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