Eye Drops Discovered to Help Avoid Glasses

Eye drops discovered to help you avoid wearing glasses. Sight is one of the senses we appreciate the most. It not only allows us to move, but also to recognize people and see the multicolored world at our fingertips. However, over the years, our eyes suffer from wear and tear due to age.

eYE Eyedrops

Increasing age increases vision problems

Our pupils are decreasing the ability to “focus”. This is how we are losing that depth of field that we had until not so long ago. Perhaps in reading, we notice the first sign of this loss.

However, the solution is to use glasses to recover the ability to see near or far, depending on the lens we use. It is natural that after the age of 40, it is necessary to use reading glasses. A solution that is within our reach with nothing more than going to a specialist and an optical technician.

The eye drops that they discovered help to avoid wearing glasses

Recently, however, another alternative to the use of reading glasses was discovered. It is about eye drops that have already been approved by the US FDA. These drops reportedly promise to replace reading glasses. As said, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is very strict, approved the marketing of the drops. They are prescribed for the treatment of presbyopia.

To use them, you have to apply one drop in each eye on a daily basis. They take only 15 minutes to take effect. The effect lasts approximately six to ten hours. In other words, if the drops do their job, you can do without glasses for most of the day.

Their efficacy reaches a small group of people

However, for the time being it is only for one period of our life. Studies report that they are effective for people between the ages of 40 and 55. Those past that age range should return to traditional reading glasses.

eyeglass replacement drops

The drops are based on an active ingredient called pilocarpine, which is not a novelty. Pilocarpine has been known since 1875 in the world of ophthalmology. For many years it was used to treat increased intraocular pressure, which causes glaucoma.

At the moment, they have high cost, they are sold at about 70 euros. The treatment period lasts about 30 days. That is to say, their current cost makes them accessible to only a low percentage of the population. Although, in addition to the price, there are other negative elements.

Side effects were noted in some patients. The same ones that were already known with the use of pilocarpine. Reddening of the eyes, headaches and difficulties to focus far-near for the duration of the effect. However, we have to wait for the development of this drug, which it surely will have. However, reading glasses are very efficient and can keep us company for a while longer.

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