Eye! Fraud and theft on Tinder and other dating apps are on the rise

If you’re using an online platform, you have to Be extremely careful and be vigilant so as not to fall into deceptions and virtual scams. Most internet users are already on the alert when they receive suspicious emails – although many still fall into the hands of cyber criminals – but other types of applications are becoming more and more prone to deception, and users are typically not so forewarned.

Interpol has warned of the increase in fraud in apps like Tinder and Badoo

This is the case with scams that are spreading on WhatsApp and are becoming more common, or with scams that do it through dating applications. In the same week, Interpol warned of a significant increase in dating application fraud. In particular, Tinder, Bumblebee, Badoo were mentioned … but it can affect anyone else.

The “modus operandi” used by cyber criminals is always the same. They find their next victim by “bringing them together” and starting a romantic conversation … to gain their trust. As soon as you have it They do not request money directly (It would be very easy to spot the deception), but they do offer advice on “safe” investment.

In most cases, they are advised to download a “very safe and easy to earn” investment app that will prompt them to open an account. In addition, they give you tips on where to invest, which financial products to rent …

It goes without saying that the application is fraudulent and no investment is made. You only keep your money. However, it is easy to fall into the trap as these are generally domains that are very similar to other real world domains (cyberquatting technique) and even the supposed “pairs” send screenshots and receipts that the officers mimick.

Obviously, once the money is receivedUsually the person disappears – they practice the dreaded ghosting on social networks – and keep the money. Sometimes access to the investment app is also hidden.

This is why they advise Interpol to always be vigilant when someone we don’t know asks us for money or tries to convince us of an easy way to earn income. Skepticism is always a great ally, and it is handy to research an app’s legitimacy and look for other comments on the network before installing it. If you think you have been deceived and have been the victim of fraud, do not hesitate to report it to the authorities.

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