Eye! SMS with package pickup notifications that are a scam

In the past few days you may have received one or more text messages notifying you of this They had a package to be picked upor it is signaled that a package could not be entered. In general, these messages contain a link to a web page that claims to have postponed delivery or to know the status of the order.

If you haven’t recently requested or sent a package, you’ll quickly find out that it is a scam that has been among the most popular in the past few days. However, if you are waiting for an online order or have sent something, you may be misled. At the end of the day it is easy to wait for a package … or even if nothing has been bought, the curiosity to receive a surprise and thus play the cyber criminals who invented this scam themselves denounced by the National Police.

And the fact is that in the past few days thousands of messages have been distributed via SMS warning of the presence of a package that needs to be picked up or not delivered. In most cases, cyber criminals don’t even mention the shipping company, although they sometimes pretend to be companies like Correos, DHL or Seur.

Generally, the user is even named after the name that someone else has registered for them in their contact book. If a user falls for the scam, their phone book will be accessed and the message sent to their contacts. Of course, the phone number from which it is sent usually varies and is usually not known or registered in the user’s phone book.

When you click the link to get the package, the user will be redirected to a webpage where Your personal data is requestedthat get compromised or all kinds of malicious applications that end up downloading an application on your phone, which gives you access to the contents of your agenda or access to sensitive information like the banking details of the applications you are using on the phone.

For all of this when one of these messages is received Simulate the possession of a package to be delivered or lostits correctness should be questioned and, for example, it should be checked that the link has not been shortened and actually leads to the website of a courier company. But yes, to the official website and not to any type of counterfeit that cyber criminals may have created. For this reason, the URL as well as all text and designs on the website must be checked. If you see translation or typographical errors, the website may be incorrect.

Anyway, when in doubt, it is best to ignore the received message or delete it directly. Anything but click the linkto access this website and provide or download personal data.

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