Eye! Teleworking selfies are gold for cyber criminals

You may not have thought about it, but the selfies you take at home and upload to social networks give cybercriminals more information about you and your work than you would like, even if you take them with a mask on.

It’s handy to double-check the personal information that any photo uploaded to social networks may reveal

The coronavirus pandemic caused them Millions of people who work from home and that in many cases there are still many months left before they return to the offices – for example, Google has indicated it won’t start testing a mixed model that combines teleworking with support to their headquarters until September – and there are many who posted a selfie of their new workplace during these months: their home office.

However, according to security firm Sophos, many cybercriminals are eager to parse these posts with selfies “work” at home in order to find sensitive information with which to commit their misdeeds.

There are plenty of selfies that reveal confidential information. From those showing a video conference from Zoom and indicating who the employees are, on posters, posters and documents that can be seen in the pictures and that contain passwords or other confidential information, such as the bank account number or the PIN of the cell phone.

In general, sensitive information is handled in work environments, but users relax by uploading these images to their social networks and fail to realize that they are providing information themselves that they shouldn’t. Viewing pictures of the house can also in many cases find out what the person’s address is, even if the photo is not geolocated (yes, there are those who still have their home in Instagram and social media locations mark as such).

Another mistake is the usage in these pictures Hashtags like #WorkFromHome or #Telework This can be easily monitored by cyber criminals to get thousands of photos of people working at home offering more account information, either on the computer screen being viewed or in numerous elements in the work environment.

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