Facebook’s new strategy to combat misinformation


Notification of misinformation. / Official statement from Facebook

The social network collapsed after Facebook was forced to delete a post last week in which Donald Trump claimed children are virtually immune to the coronavirus in violation of its guidelines on coronavirus disinformation. to the construction site to ensure that this happens as little as possible.

They made their letter of intent in a statement stating: “We want to make sure people have the context they need to make informed decisions about what to share on Facebook, especially when it comes to related content goes with Covids. -19 “.

Preview of the notification window. / Official statement from Facebook

To this end, they have announced the implementation of a notification window that will determine whether the publication to be uploaded is related to the coronavirus. If so, you’ll see a warning message, the date the shared article was posted, and your URL. The purpose of this reminder by the platform is to make users aware of the importance of contrasting the information exchanged on social networks and to ensure that they know how current an article is and therefore its potential. be out of date.

This is not the first step Facebook has taken to ensure the accuracy of the information. At the beginning of the pandemic, Mark Zuckerberg made the decision to include information from official authorities at the beginning of the feed for all users.

Facebook. / Pixabay

Another measure implemented by the social network was the establishment of an information center for the coronavirus, which also links information from official sources. However, contrary to the information at the beginning of the feed, this page would, in its entirety, contain information about the coronavirus Covid19.

Accordingly, they also say of Facebook that they do not want to act as a barrier to official sources, so the new notification window for authorities such as the World Health Organization will not come into effect.

Context button on Facebook. / Official statement

This is not a novelty. Previously, there was a context button from 2018 that issued a warning if the article to be shared was older than 90 days.

These latest promotions on Facebook highlight the importance of verified and truthful information regarding the pandemic, not to prevent panic but to avoid behaviors resulting from misinformation and increasing the risk of contagion or moving users of the pandemic platform to ignoring basic rules of action to prevent Covid-19.

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