Famous Bridges That Brighten Our World (Part Two)

Bridges differentiate where they are. Many are famous bridges because they appear in a Hollywood film, others because they were the protagonists of a historical event. There are also those who have received awards. All of them are emblematic bridges of the city or country in which they are located.

famous bridges
Glass bridge
Some famous bridges in Europe, the Netherlands and Asia
  • (Venice, Italy) Rialto Bridge: It is the oldest bridge that crosses the Venice Canal. They built it between 1588 and 1591. It replaced an old and precarious wooden bridge.
famous bridges in Europe
Rialto Bridge
  • (Sweden) Solversborg Bridge: It’s a pretty young bridge that they built in 2012. It connects the city of the same name with the Listerlandet peninsula. It has a very nice design in its 760 meters length.
  • (France) Millau Viaduct: It opened in 2004 in the south of France and crosses the Tarn River. At 343 meters, it is the highest bridge in the world.
  • (Hunan – China) Puente de Zhangjiajie: There are several glass bridges in China and this is the most important. It is half a kilometer long and 300 meters high. The surface consists of 99 three-layer glass panes. It offers an impressive view of the cliff.
  • (Prague, Czech Republic) Carlos Bridge: It was built in the 14th and 15th centuries and crosses the Vltava. It is notable that it was adorned with 30 statues of baroque art.
  • (Hungary) Chain bridge: It is the oldest and most important bridge on the Danube. It was inaugurated in 1849 and almost destroyed in World War II. A hundred years after its inauguration, they rebuilt it.
famous bridge
Chain bridge
  • (Malaga, Spain) Ronda New Bridge: It offers an incredible landscape, making it the most important bridge in the city of Malaga. It’s very old since it was built between 1751 and 1793. Even so, it is very attractive and connects the oldest part of the city with the most recent.
Famous bridge of Spain
Ronda New Bridge
Some suspension bridges that stand out
  • (Istanbul, Turkey) Bosphorus Bridge: It crosses the Strait of Istanbul and is 64 meters above sea level. It is 1,560 meters long and in this way connects the European continent with the Asian. It’s also a suspension bridge and one of the largest in the world.
  • (Japan) Akashi Kaykyō Bridge: It has been active since 1998 and is also the fourth suspension bridge in the world. It is also one of the longest because it is 1,991 meters long.
  • (Denmark) Great Belt Bridge: It was inaugurated in 1998. It crosses the street of the same name to connect the islands of Fiona and Zealand. It is also a suspension bridge and the third in the world for its length.
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