Firefox allows you to prevent Facebook from tracking personal data

Firefox has a new logo

Without making much noise, in fact it had gone rather unnoticed, the latest update of Mozilla’s Firefox browser includes a very reassuring feature for Internet users more concerned with their privacy.

Facebook and marketing companies use parameters appended to the end of URLs to keep track of the places visited by Internet users

This is a feature capable of modifying the parameters that Facebook and marketing companies add to the end of URLs (the addresses of web pages) and that allow tracking of the Internet user. By removing them, the user can no longer be tracked and therefore, their browsing habits can no longer be monitored.

This is an option that must be activated within the privacy settings and from that moment on Firefox automatically removes these tracking parameters, proceeding also to open the desired web page in another tab, thus preventing the tracking of outgoing clicks on the links contained in that website.

The consequence is that marketing companies no longer have access to the user’s “browsing habits”, an essential piece of information for segmenting the advertising they display and offering that which matches the preferences detected.

To activate this protection, the procedure to follow is as follows:

-Access to the “Settings – Privacy and Security” menu.

-Select “Tracking protection – Strict”

After enabling it, Firefox generates a container where it stores cookies coming from the visited web pages, limiting Facebook and online marketing companies’ crawlers so that they can only access that container and not the rest.

This safeguards privacy by limiting the scope of tracking that can be done on the pages that have been visited, how much time has been spent on them, the searches that have been made… since the proper functioning of targeted advertising, which is the basis of Facebook’s online marketing business, depends on all of this.

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