Fitbit will not allow wristbands and watches to sync with the computer

How to install third-party apps on Fitbit

Users of Fitbit-branded wristbands and smartwatches should mark the date on the october 13 in red on the calendar. On that day Fitbit will stop allowing synchronization with PC and Mac of these smart devices through the app Fitbit Connectwhich will no longer be available on both desktop operating systems.

From October 13, music can only be transferred to Fitbit devices from Deezer and Pandora

From that day on the Fitbit-branded wristband or smartwatch, the music that has been synchronized locally will continue to be present, but it will no longer be possible to update that content from the computer. The songs will not be deleted but new ones can no longer be added, so anyone wishing to listen to music from these devices will have to resort to other options.

Fitbit hints that playlists will only be able to be transferred using the apps Deezer and Pandorabut it will no longer be possible to synchronize the Fitbit wristband or smartwatch with music stored on the user’s computer.

In return it is expected that from that date Fitbit will announce the possibility of sync its devices with music sourced from other platforms which have a larger number of users, such as Spotify or YouTube Music, but nothing has been confirmed for the moment.

The addition of the latter platform (YouTube Music) could make a lot of sense since YouTube belongs to parent company Alphabet, to which Fitbit also belongs since its acquisition by Google was completed in January 2021 for $2.1 billion.

That acquisition, in which Alphabet was ahead of Meta (Facebook) was understood at the time as ua strategy to compete against Apple and its Apple Watchintegrated into the brand’s own ecosystem.

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