Five myths about cryptocurrencies [Vídeo]

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The Internet is jam-packed with false information: myths, legends, and, in many cases, malicious lies. This is how the world works, and the average user must accept this reality. But this avalanche of false notions can be especially damaging when money is involved, so when it comes to cryptocurrencies, you have to be vigilant in order to discern the real from the fake. That’s why in this video we tell you five cryptocurrency myths you need to know:

The problem with trading cryptos with false preconceptions is that, as if being a tremendously volatile market wasn’t enough, we have much more likely to make a bad move and lose money. Within these false notions or myths, there are both good or optimistic ones (becoming a millionaire with cryptos is very easy, cryptos are the future…) and bad or pessimistic ones (cryptocurrencies are going to be banned, Bitcoin is only used to buy drugs on the Deep Web…).

Cryptocurrencies have been and are the target of many myths that are still taken for true today and spread like wildfire

Know if a piece of information is true or just a myth is a very important step to avoid scams and get the best possible return on our cryptos if we have decided to get started in this world. In today’s video only five myths have been addressed, but information of dubious veracity about cryptos is omnipresent and these myths are much more numerous.

That is why it is always mandatory to do some research beforehand and trust just enough (i.e. very little) of what unknown people say on the Internet. This should be common sense, but it is very easy to be blinded by shocking data that promises easy money or scares catastrophically.

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