Five things to do before selling a second hand mobile phone

The second-hand mobile phone market moves a lot and more in this period where the promotional campaigns of Black Friday are usually used for the purchase of new models. Besides taking the cloth and leaving it visually as clean and presentable as possible, there are other important tasks to be done, which come from the section of the data security.

If you want to save some money on the purchase of the new device, selling the used one is a good option. And the sooner the better, because every month that passes will be worth less. Except for a few models (especially Apple iPhones), the loss of value is usually quite large as soon as the new generations hit the market. In addition, companies specializing in refurbished devices are also putting downward pressure.

In any case, if the smartphone is still in good usable condition and you adjust the price downwards, you will have a chance to sell itThere are specialized companies that buy them, manufacturers that offer delivery to lower the purchase of new ones (they are usually not very generous) or direct sales from user to user (perhaps the most profitable) in online portals, social networks or websites. In Spain, there are interesting buying and selling forums with quite serious staff. HTCMania or EOL are two examples of good performance.

Before selling a second hand mobile phone

1.- Data backup

The first thing to do is to create a backup of all data on the terminal. This includes photos, videos, documents, messages, contacts and more. There are several ways to do this. Personally, I like to make a complete copy to a PC or external drive, both from the internal memory of the terminal and from the microSD (if we have it installed) in case there is any problem in the change of terminal or in the subsequent synchronization to the Cloud services that we are surely using.

We must also make sure that these cloud services are up to date with the latest changes and files added to the terminal. This includes general online storage services such as Dropbox or OneDrive or those specializing in photography such as Amazon Photos or Google Photos.

The same with the rest of the applications we use. Most of them have their own backup system and are usually synchronized on a regular basisbut make sure of it. One of the most used, WhatsApp, creates automatic backups of chat history (and content) connected to Google Drive, but it must be managed by the user in the settings.

Both Android and iOS have a backup tool built into the general settings, and it’s another point to check to make sure they have last backed up data. On Android, it is likely that you are using a google account and this makes the task easier, as it automatically saves the important section of contacts, calendar, Gmail, Play Store apps, and even other settings like wallpapers, language, time zone, etc. Manufacturers like Samsung offer their own âCloudâ in case you want to make copies there.

As for the rest of the apps, there are free tools for backing them up. Personally, in a change of device, I prefer to install the apps  “by hand” taking advantage of step to do cleaning, but if you are interested in something more automated, tools like Titanium Backup are one of the best, although it requires that the terminal is rooted. There are several general applications of this type and also others for specific tasks such as saving all SMS. One example is SMS Backup & Restore.

2.- Data transfer

If you have purchased the new mobile phone before getting rid of the old one, you can try to transfer all the data. However, it is not easy to transfer data from external apps between Android devices. There is no official Google solution for this, and although some OEMs usually offer it, it’s not always easy to transfer data from one device to another it doesn’t usually work well with devices from other brands in the face of implemented customizations.

If you’re switching between Samsung devices, you can make use of the Smart Switch Mobile app. Other manufacturers have their own, such as OnePlus, which offers the OnePlus Switch software. The results tend to be unpredictable and even with terminals of the same brand there are errors when performed (as is common) on different models and versions of Android.

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If you don’t want any complications or mistakes you can opt for a clean installationIf you need to do a clean install, make a good backup of files, data and apps if necessary, and then start up your device from scratch. On most consumer smartphones it will take a matter of minutes.

3- Erasing data

After a good season working in a SAT, I must tell you that I have encountered everything. And in this case I mean equipment or components (oh! those hard disks) delivered with all kinds of personal and professional data. It is not uncommon to buy a second-hand mobile phone and find that the internal memory has apps installed and usernames and passwords for access to different services. Or the microSD full of images, some of them compromisedâ¦

If the mobile falls into the hands of someone unscrupulous and you have not deleted all the information you can bundle a good mess We must delete absolutely everything before selling it so as not to leave our personal information in the hands of third parties. In addition to files, this includes user accounts and subscriptions to streaming services, Cloud storage, and so on.

4.- Removing any links

If you have an older Android device, it is very likely that it has the Factory Reset Protection (FRP). It is an additional layer introduced by Google as a security measure, which prevents the reset of the terminal for situations of theft or loss of the terminal you have to remove this protection before you sell a smartphone for a third party to use. To do this, you will need to remove all Google accounts that are signed in to the device. Go to the Settings > Accounts tool, select and delete the Google account you first used to sign in to the device.

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5.- Factory reset

Once you’ve finished safeguarding your data, you must reset the terminal to its factory state to finish completely disassociating yourself from it. This will remove all accounts, files and data from the internal storage and essentially put the software back into an unused state. This way, when the new owner of your phone gets their hands on the device, they will set it up from scratch just like we will when we buy the new phone.

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And finally: SIM, microSD, cleaning and shipping

Once the software tasks are completed, it is time to remove the SIM card that we are going to use in the new terminal and also the microSD memory card if it is installed. Personally, I do not like to give the microSD with a second-hand smartphone for the reasons of data security discussed in previous points. If you are going to include it as part of the second-hand phone make sure you give it a good low-level formatting There is quite effective specialized software that can recover data from memory cards where the data has simply been erased from the explorer.

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Don’t include used headphonesin this case for health reasons. The buyer will already have his own. If you want to include them, they always have to be new models. In addition, both basic wired headphones and basic wireless headphones are quite inexpensive.

The only thing missing is a thorough cleaning of the terminal. If we keep the original packaging (as is advisable), we can only keep the phone, charger, accessories that came standard (with the exceptions mentioned) and additionally what we have purchased separately as covers, cases or screen protectors. It is also convenient to add the invoice if the terminal is still under warranty. If the battery is removable, it is better to include it outside the smartphone.

It is time to take some good pictures of the smartphone and accessories to hang them on the sites where we put them for sale. If it is in good condition in general and the price is reasonable we will have the opportunity to sell that second-hand mobile. Giving it away to reduce the purchase of a new model is another option, although manufacturers are not usually too generous and it will usually be more profitable to sell it to another user. If you are going to do this don’t waste time because the loss of value will be constant with each passing day.

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