Five tips to increase lead generation

How to improve lead generation

“Leads” are those visitors to your website who have potential to become customers. A visitor becomes a “lead” when they have taken some action, such as subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an ebook, requesting a meeting, or requesting a trial of a product or service.

Increasing the conversion of traffic into leads will allow a company to increase its sales.

Much of the efforts of a digital marketing strategy are focused precisely on getting leads, since it is very important that visitors become customers to make profits. That is why beyond creating good content, you should focus on getting results.

-Homepage: Most of the visits to a website are received on the home page, so it is important to optimize this page to capture leads. To do this, you should add call to actions and offer some content that attracts the attention of users to subscribe or request a trial of the product or service. In short, you must find a way to unify the message of the page with the objective of the business.

-Correct use of words: For lead generation you should use “action” words, i.e. verbs. In this sense, it is convenient to create powerful headlines using verbs that call to action or generate curiosity among readers. Strong verbs are those that are specific and descriptive, used to communicate a direct message. This type of lead generation is not only for a website, but can also be used in social media or emails.

-Sign up with Google: Users are increasingly concerned about privacy, so many are wary of websites that ask for information such as name, phone number or email address. If you look at many services like Pinterest or Flickr, they allow users to log in using their Yahoo! or Google accounts, because nowadays everyone has one. Nowadays, it’s not necessary to ask for a lot of information to generate a lead, instead, it’s better to make the process easier and allow them to sign up using their Facebook or Google accounts.

-Specialization: Sales and leads work differently, so you should have a specialized strategy for generating leads and another one for sales. To generate leads, landing pages must be created and continuously optimized through testing and testing.

-An offer you won’t be able to resist: Finally, lead generation is all about getting customers to say “yes”. To do this, you must offer something irresistible. If after much dedication and analysis, this point still fails, the problem may be an unattractive offer for the public. An irresistible offer must offer something rare, relevant, in demand and exclusive.

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