“Followers”, the new book by Manuel Moreno, TreceBits, now on pre-sale.

Book Followers Manuel Moreno

You can now reserve your copy of “Followers. Create your community of followers on the Internet”. new book by Manuel Morenosocial media expert and director of TreceBits.com.

This is the fifth book written by the author of the best seller “The Big Book of Community Manager”, among other titles, and will hit bookstores on May 24, 2023, and you can already get it in pre-sale.

Followers“published by Editorial Deusto (Grupo Planeta) is a definitive guide to create and manage a community of online followers and increase influence on the Internet without false promises or magic formulas.

Millions of anonymous Internet users, content creators and also companies and institutions, live obsessed every day with the number of followers they have on the Internet, putting quantity before quality and even increasing their numbers by the stroke of a pen. If you are also looking to artificially multiply the number of followers on your social networks, this book is not for you.

Manuel Moreno author of the book FollowersIn Manuel Moreno’s new book you will not find an infallible formula to get more followers quickly, automatically, but the necessary tools to create a loyal and active community on the Internet and to get the most out of it without paying attention only to the number of people who follow you.

What will you find in the book “Followers”?

Through its ten chapters, fleeing from quick solutions with which you would be fooling yourself, “Followers” will help you create a community of quality followers, with which you will find it easier to achieve any goal you set yourself on the Internet. Only in this way will you be able to achieve real influence, and not a fiction of artificially boosted numbers that hide empty profiles with no interactions.

During the journey proposed in this book, you will learn how to plan your online strategy, find your own identity and select the goals you want to achieve; you will understand which people could be your followers and how to approach them to attract them to your community; you will consciously choose the social networks and digital platforms you will use (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, your own podcast, a newsletter, etc.); you will learn how to create and disseminate relevant content; you will define a dynamization plan and will be able to generate bonds of trust with your followers.

With effort, overcoming each stage, you will also reach the stage where you will have opportunities for collaboration and even the possibility to earn money and monetize your community..

You have more information about the book, signing dates, presentations, etcetera, here. Join the conversation with the hashtag #BookFollowers on all social networks.

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