Freddie Mercury would have been 75 years old and his music will always be with us

On September 5, 2021 Freddie Mercury turned 75 years old. Owner of one of the most impressive voices in history, he was even a subject of study for science. He could have been a lyricist without any doubt. We all remember “Barcelona” performed by Freddie Mercury with Montserrat Caballé. However, rock was the genre in which he excelled as a singer, author and composer.

Freddie Mercury

Knowing a little of his history

Freddie was born on the African island of Zanzibar in Tanzania in the year 1946 and his real name was Farrokh Bulsara. His life was not easy, at the age of 7 he left Zanzibar to live with his aunt and grandmother in Bombay. In India, he entered St. Peter’s School boarding school and learned to play the piano very well.

When she was 18, her family moved to England to reside permanently. They settled in a small house in London. There he became Freddie, which is how they started him. Once in London Freddie studied art and graphic design. At the same time he enjoyed his taste for music watching rock bands in places where they met.

When Freddie Mercury joined his first and only rock band..

He shared a room with Tim Staffel, who was the bass player in the band Smile. However, Staffel quit because they couldn’t grow. The other members who were Brian May, as guitarist and Roger Taylor as drummer, offered Freddie to be his replacement. Brian May was always opposed to Freddie’s attempts to join, but with Staffel’s resignation, he finally accepted.

They decide that the band needed a name change because they were looking for a new bass player and had a new singer. It was Mercury who proposed Queen, although the others thought it was a name with gay connotations. However, Freddie’s arguments ended up convincing them. Thus was born one of the best rock bands of all time that was the passion of crowds.

Birth of Queen

On June 27, 1970, with John Deacon as bassist, they set foot on stage for the first time. They played some Smile songs and covers, among which authors such as Elvis and Cliff Richards stood out. However, fans and followers remember the first song as Stone Cold Crazy, which was only included on the band’s third album.

Freddie married the love of his life, at least platonic, Mary Austin. However, his homosexuality kept him away from her and he had many affairs with men. Nevertheless, he dedicated the famous song Love of my Life to Mary. He was one of the first to publicly declare his homosexuality. Although his incomparable voice and his scenic display, he was the center of everyone’s attention.

His illness, HIV, took him early. The love of his life, Mary Austin was with him until the end. It was she who stayed with Freddie Mercury in the last stages of his life, when he could no longer walk. He also inherited all his assets and entrusted her with the final destination of his remains.

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