Free documentation on the new Documentary Plus platform

Documentary Plus is a new free streaming platform that, like its own shows, is focused on offering all types of streaming Documentation and informative content.

Documentary Plus offers documentation and informative content, but currently only in English.

Documentary Plus is a free application that does not require the user to register to use it, as is the case with PlutoTV, for example. With this in mind, the content can be viewed using a desktop browser that accesses the website. However, it also has its own applications for iOS and Android as well as for RokuTv, Amazon Fire Stick TV and AppleTV. In addition, it is expected to gradually reach other distribution platforms.

The platform tries to make material productions accessible to the public. According to Bryan Mooser, one of the founders of Documentary Plus, the era of streaming has provided a very important platform for the directors of this content to bring their creations to a very wide global audience. The aim is to offer documentary filmmakers a tailor-made distribution space with this project.

At the moment all content is available in 1080p and there is no information about future updates that will improve the display quality. However, since it’s a free product and doesn’t require subscriptions, you shouldn’t expect much more. On the other side the platform It’s in English, both in terms of the texts and in terms of content, and there is no information about a possible translation into other languages.

The user interface is neat and clean. The content is organized on the home page. It has a Search engine and a category area which organizes the content to make it easier to find the one you want. It should be noted that an advertisement is opened before a documentary is reproduced.

The platform currently has a catalog with more than 100 documentaries, including “The Imposter”, “The Beatles: Get Back”, “Making Apes”, “Requiem for the American Dream” or “Hype!” among other. Also, the content is expected to grow and be updated regularly.

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