FREE Google Workspace Coupon Codes (G Suite)

You may have heard of Google Workspace and aren’t sure what it is. This is the suite of productivity programs from Google, formerly known as G Suite. Inside you will find many programs like GMail, Google Docs, Google Meet and other tools that focus on business communication, teamwork and productivity.

Google Workspace is available for home and business users

With Google Workspace, company employees can access and work on documents in a group even when they are not in the same place. For this it has a range of tools such as chat, email and voicemail, video calls, content management and organization.

So it’s a suite of programs that can be used for both business and personal purposes, and allows the user to enjoy all of Google’s Office automation apps and numerous other programs.

FREE Google Workspace

If you want to try Google Workspace Free, you can do so now for a few days by registering through the Desamark website. All you have to do is register in Google Workspace using the following link: This way you will receive a discount code that all you have to do is redeem it.

You also have the option to fill out the form that you can find on the same website and they will send you the instructions on how to get the discount code. Anyway, it’s much more direct to get it from the link provided.

Google Workspace coupon code

If you try Google Workspace for free for a few days, you’ll be able to determine if it’s the program or suite of productivity programs you need for both your day-to-day life and that of your business. If you want to sign up for a plan after you’ve tried Google Workspace, know that Desamark gives you discounted promo codes to sign up for Google Workspace, which is very interesting.

With the Google Workspace promotional discount codes that you can get in Desamark, they give you a discount of up to 10% of the total amount in the Business Starter and Business Standard plans for the first year. It is therefore a very beneficial way to continue testing Google Workspace for at least 12 months at a discounted price and learning how to get the most out of it and maximize the possibilities it offers for both your business and your daily life .

The Google Workspace promotional code provided by Desamark is therefore a unique opportunity to try the best productivity suite at a reduced price, as commented by several specialized portals, including Global Chronicle, which highlight the following benefits of Google Workspace:

-The ability to have a professional, business and personalized email that takes your day-to-day communications on the Internet seriously.

-The ability to work from anywhere and have collaborative workgroups to develop projects together.

-Enjoy cloud storage depending on the contracted plan.

– Have maximum security when using corporate applications in the company.

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