From May 2021, Google will consider the “Core Web Vitals”

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Google already announced last May that when ordering search results, various signals for analyzing the user experience on a page are taken into account, which has a significant impact on SEO positioning.

The “Core Web Vitals” are taken into account along with the rest of the variables that the Google algorithm measures to display the search results.

However, it was not specified from what point in time the “Core Web Vitals” together with the other signals that the company’s algorithm takes into account when sorting the search results, such as: B. the version, cell phone, site security, HTTPS protocol …

Now Google has officially set a date: From May 2021, the “Core Web Vitals” will be taken into account. What are these new indicators that we need to pay special attention to from now on? The following:

Google Web Core Vitals

-Charging time: It measures the loading time of the website and how quickly the most important visual elements of the page are available to the user after the click. According to Google, the pages that provide a good user experience for internet users offer a Largest Contentful Point (LCP) of less than 2.5 seconds from the time the page loads.

-Interaction time: Another variable is the time it takes for a page to allow user interaction. That is, not only are items displayed, but users can also click or search. For Google, a page offers a good user experience if the FID (First Input Delay) is less than 100 milliseconds.

-Visual stability: Google also measures that the elements of a page don’t suddenly move, so that users click on a place they don’t want.

Although Google will not begin to consider these factors until May 2021, along with the rest of the values ​​analyzed by its algorithm, in any case it is advisable to pay attention to the experience that the pages offer the user in order to carry out improvements that are necessary and need to be fully customized if these aspects are taken into account.

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