Further changes to the Google algorithm

SEO professionals all over the world have started to notice it important changes in Google Search Results Pages (SERP) positions since last weekend. These sudden changes have made experts suspicious of a change in Google’s algorithm.

As of January 2021, the Google page results have been very shaky and some believe this is due to updates to the search algorithm.

At the moment google has not officially announced No update or change to your search algorithm beyond the last change you announced to your image search algorithm. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that it is common practice to include small changes and regular updates that are not announced. This can therefore be the case.

Some expert comments indicate that as of March 2nd, Google has not been indexing new content or updating the results. Other professionals have reported Drops of up to 40% in organic traffic, while others report an increase in traffic of more than 80% and searches of almost 10%.

In the following image extracted from SEMrush, you can see the volatility of the results, as well as the percentage of traffic decrease or increase depending on the search categories:

With that in mind, SEO pros have noticed a Instability pattern in Google SERP results in the last few weeks. Since launching in 2021, Google has implemented up to 9 algorithm updates, Three in January, six in February, and two in March without the 6 and 7 changes. These dynamics worry SEO professionals because it is strange that Google is so volatile for so many months.

It is worth remembering that the last core update announced by Google was the one that took place in December, which was dubbed the core update for December 2020 and was implemented on December 16. Google does not provide any information about the changes introduced in these major updates, also known as “core” updates.

In this sense, the Core update December 2020 It was one of the largest that Google implemented in its history, so it could be responsible for the current instability of SERP results. You can view the information about this latest update in the following tweet from the official Google Account:

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