Gaming peripherals aren't just for gaming

The importance of gaming peripherals has grown exponentially over the years. thanks to the value that specialization offers and the boost of professional gaming and electronic sports.

There is no doubt that today we can play everything with a standard keyboard and mouse. After all, the same goal is to interact and control a computer, be it a laptop or a desktop. With gaming peripherals, however, we can play on a different level and develop our full potential.

It is the value of specialization that we referred to at the beginning of the article, a maxim that applies to every other front and is undeniable. For example, think about what you can do with an integrated GPU. You could play some tracks, but you wouldn't get the performance or picture quality you would get with a graphics card dedicated and designed for games.

Gaming peripherals

The conclusion that all of this is leaving us is simple, but very important. have the right tools and optimized for the achievement of a goal will help us achieve it with less effortno longer exist, but when we talk about gaming peripherals, we have to take into account that they offer an important one versatility and that they are used for much more than just enjoying our favorite games.

Gaming peripherals from world-class manufacturers such as Corsair and Elgato offer a high quality of workmanship, are easy to use and provide access to a number of advanced features and functions that make an important difference in games, but also You can help us to do teleworking, socializing and even learning.

Gaming peripherals and ergonomics: value through design and build quality

Gaming peripherals are said to offer A pleasant wearing experience even after many hours of operationand stay as the first day, even if we use it for a long time, which translates into long lifetime.

I know what you think gaming peripherals have a higher price tag, and yes, it's true, though they make up for that more than that, offers superior comfort and experience and a much longer lifespan.

Gaming peripherals

It is not difficult to understand, but we will see it better with an example. A few years ago I bought two generic mice, the total They cost me almost 40 euros and took barely a year and a half between the two. After these bad experiences I bought a Corsair Vengeance M65 for sale for 50 euros and six years later it still works perfectly. In fact, I use it as a secondary mouse to accompany a Lenovo laptop.

Cheap is expensiveThere is no doubt about that either, and it can cause many problems. Use a mouse or keyboard with poor ergonomics and design can cause physical discomfort, accelerate the development of fatigue and even trigger them Carpal tunnel syndrome. Add to that the problems associated with the lower build quality and other shortcomings of this type of peripheral.

Right from the start, gaming peripherals are designed so that we can comfortably spend long sessions in front of the PC highly customizable and adjustable and they come with accessories that allow us to tailor their use to our specific needs.

Gaming peripherals

For example, Corsair keyboards are adjustable in inclination, have a removable wrist rest and they have buttons with laser screen printing that are very wear resistant. If we look at gaming mice, we find a very similar approach because Corsair uses designs Almost perfect ergonomics, rubber-like surfaces for a good grip and in many cases it integrates accessories that allow us Adjust the handle.

Headphones are also important, in fact it is a peripheral device that is common to many users fundamental to the isolation they provide. Corsair headphones use high quality adjustable headbands that help you achieve a perfect fit. They have high quality upholstery based on Memory Foam Memory Foam and they use materials that make sweating easier. They're also fairly light, which means we can wear them for hours without worrying about the appearance of fatigue or heat.

In my case wearing glasses, I use some Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SEand the experience is very good even in summer. The padding is perfect and the pressure is properly balanced so you sometimes forget to wear it.

Gaming peripherals

We cannot forget the chair, a basic element of any room for games, teleworking or studying. For example, if we play four hours a day and work eight hours a day from Monday to Saturday, we spent an average of 5 hours in a month Sitting in our chair for 312 hours. It's been a long time, right?

This data enables us to partially understand the meaning of the chair. The gaming chairs were designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, everything so that the user can spend many hours in them without discomfort and they also have a high one Resistance to use.

A chair like the Corsair T3 Rush is also aimed at the gaming sector enables us to telework and learn comfortablyThanks to its excellent ergonomics, its different settings and the lumbar and cervical support pillows, which are made of high-quality memory foam. Its end in breathable fabric It represents an important added value as it helps us to be fresh even after several hours of continuous use.

Gaming peripherals are not only great for gaming, they also offer great value for money for working, studying, and socializing 39

The Corsair T3 Rush can help us manage several hours of intense and uninterrupted play, but it also gives us a unique experience when we need to telework or study for several hours. And remember if you need to take a nap at any time rest You don't have to move from the chairyou can decline to create an angle of 180 degrees.

How does the ergonomics and build quality of gaming peripherals help you work, socialize and study?

  • More comfort means more productivity and less fatigue at work and in college.
  • By reducing fatigue, you can spend more hours working and studying efficiently.
  • You can also enjoy remote video calls and other forms of socialization without fatigue ruining your moment.
  • The quality of the construction of the gaming peripherals leads to a high wear resistance, so that you can use them intensively for work or study without hesitation.
  • We avoid bad postures and overexertion, which can lead to discomfort and long-term health problems.

Create custom profiles and benefit from numerous advantages

We have already seen that gaming peripherals offer a very solid value due to their high build quality, durability and ergonomics, but thanks to them, they also make a difference High benefits and different customization options and configuration, three very important questions we'll talk about next.

Gaming peripherals are not only good for gaming, they also offer great value for money for working, studying and socializing 41

Corsair keyboards use different types of mechanical switches that offer different actuation forces, spring travel and noise. Many believe that these types of keyboards are only recommended for gaming, but nothing is further from reality. There are switches that offer an excellent balance between performance in games and for writing and office taskslike Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown.

I have been using Cherry MX Red switches with mechanical keyboards to play and work for about five years. There are days when I can write up to 10 hours, and I have to say that I would not change them for anything, it enables me to enjoy an agile and very comfortable writing, and with every pressure they transmit sensations that keep me "alive" during work, what I do with a conventional membrane keyboard would not achieve.

If the mechanical keyboards appear very "high", you don't need to worry, Corsair markets Low profile versions Very interesting, like the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile, which we were able to review last year.

Gaming peripherals

All Corsair mechanical keyboards are premium gaming peripherals, meaning they use high quality switches with a minimal lifespan of 50 million keystrokesThey offer a perfect response with every press and have special buttons for controlling aspects such as volume and multimedia playback.

They are also integrated into Corsair's iCUE platform, which enables us Create macros and custom settings that we can divide into groups: those designed for games that we will use to work or study.

The same applies to Corsair mice. Use these gaming peripherals high quality, high resolution sensors, they are riding additional buttons and you have ONROM switch with up to 50 million keystrokes to ensure accurate response and long life. They are integrated into iCUE, a platform with which we can create fully customized profiles, define actions and button macros, and make other important adjustments such as surface calibration.

I'll give you a specific example. In my case I use a Corsair Nightsword RGB with three different profiles: one for work, one for games and one for internet and multimedia surfing. Each of these profiles has different settings and different DPI, which allows me to enjoy a completely different user experience, tailored to the specifics of each task. So in the job profile I have to achieve a lower DPI rate slower and slower movement This allows me to achieve greater precision while having the opposite in the game profile.

Gaming peripherals are not only great for gaming, they also offer great value for money for working, studying, and socializing 44

I can switch between these three profiles immediatelyWith a single click on one of the two additional buttons on the side of the left-click button and on the other buttons, I configured various shortcuts. If we go even further and want to create a full set of shortcuts that we can use to control our entire world with one finger, Elgato's stream decks are an excellent option.

Gaming peripherals are not only great for gaming, but also for working, learning, and socializing

With them we can Define a number of specific functions and assign them to each of the buttons who integrate these accessories. For example, we can create a general profile that allows us to access certain applications and features with a single keystroke. This helps us to be more productive and to have all of our tools and applications under control. We can also create another profile that contains useful information, e.g. B. assign the use of the CPU or the controls of other compatible accessories, or even record and playback functions.

Gaming peripherals are not only great for gaming, they also offer great value for work, study, and socialize 48

Headphones are another gaming peripheral that offers great value even in teleworking and studio environments. With them we can isolate ourselves from disturbing external noises, enjoy excellent sound quality and a very complete and very versatile built-in microphone that we can use Make calls and video calls with a clear voice and no ambient noise.

All Corsair gaming headsets have a built-in microphone, are Discord certified, and most models feature advanced technologies such as: Noise reduction, 7.1 virtualization sound and equalization functions through iCUE, which enable us to adapt the sound reproduction to every situation. If you're looking for a premium model that blends seamlessly into a gaming and professional desktop, the Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless SE is an excellent option.

With high quality headphones that integrate a good microphone, playing, socializing and learning is much easier. In this sense, the Corsair models are an excellent option for its quality, performance and versatility.

How does it work? Gaming peripherals to work with their features and customization options, socialize and study?

Gaming peripherals are not only great for gaming, but also for working, learning, and socializing

  • Thanks to its high performance and high level of performance, you can easily carry out any task.
  • You enjoy high sound and voice quality for your calls and video calls.
  • You can write at full speed, without errors and without phantom keystrokes.
  • You can better control and perfectly organize your applications and all the tools you use every day.
  • Thanks to the wireless gaming peripherals and the iCUE platform, you can easily create a wireless environment.
  • You define the work surface. There are many types of mats with very different sizes, from the standard type to the 3XL format.
  • You can create fully personalized profiles that fit your work, studies, and favorite games, and switch between them in seconds.

Light up your games and create your own work environment

The RGB LED lighting that integrates Corsair gaming peripherals gives them a very attractive splash of color, but the possibilities go beyond the aesthetic level. All Corsair gaming peripherals with this type of lighting are built into iCUE, a platform that allows us to configure and customize them according to our wishes and requirements.

Gaming peripherals are not only great for gaming, but also for working, learning, and socializing Gaming peripherals are not only great for gaming, they also offer great value for money for working, studying, and socializing 54

Thanks to iCUE, we can create different RGB LED lighting profiles shape different environments that will adapt to different situations. For example, if you want to play, you can set or create different profiles for your favorite games. You can also enjoy impressive lighting effects in titles like The Division 2, Diablo III, Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn and others.

If you want to use the PC to work or study, you can set this calm and relaxing lighting with warm or cold tonesDepending on the time of day and ambient lighting that will help you focus and immerse yourself in a truly unique atmosphere. Thanks to the impressive lighting from iCUE and Corsair, you decide how you want to illuminate your games, your work, your study hours and in general all your moments on the PC.

The iCUE tool is very easy to use and also enables customization Light intensity. Don't worry if you don't have time to create a personalized profile for your gaming peripherals. Corsair has a huge community It doesn't stop creating profiles that you can easily download and use.

Gaming peripherals are not only suitable for playing, but also for working, learning and socializing

Think about the ambient lighting greatly affects eye fatigue when we use the pc. By using the RGB LED lighting of your gaming peripherals, you can reduce eye strain. be more productive and focus better.

Surprised by all that gaming peripherals offer? Some are still trying to pigeonhole them as whims or impractical solutions, but as we saw in this article The reality is completely different. They offer a very solid value, are very versatile and represent an investment that we will easily pay off thanks to their advantages, their quality and their long lifespan.

How does it work? Gaming peripherals for working, socializing and learning through lighting?

  • You can adjust the lighting with different colors to match the mood to the ambient lighting.
  • The light intensity is fully customizable, and you can also add specific effects for better immersion.
  • It will help you reduce eye fatigue and be more productive and focused.
  • If you want to enjoy a moment of relaxation, you can also use suitable lighting.
  • You can share your lighting profiles with your friends and other users of Corsair gaming peripherals.
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