Get 100 likes on a photo instantly it is very easy

Surely you are looking for how to get more likes to your posts. In reality, you can have many likes in your photos in a very simple wayjust think about how you want to do it: the slow but free, or in other ways that can cost you an amount of money symbolic.

On the main page I teach a form of hack likes that is a little slow (but safe). In this article we will teach you to get a minimum of 100 likes on the photo you want, although you can usually get quite a few more. Once finished reading the article, I advise you to take a look at this post where we talk about the tricks that have Facebook and that will surely not be aware of.

Very few people know how to promote publications on Facebook. Generally, you use Facebook to add your friends, upload photos that you want to disseminate and interact with them, but what you may not know is that you can spread that picture for a very low price.

💯 Get 100 likes for only 1 dolar

To do this, we must deploy our panel, and select the option “Create ads”.

Once inside, we have to select the option to promote a post, and we will choose the one that you want.

For that the likes come very cheap, we would have to select Latin countries, such as Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile …

In addition, the ideal is that you select various interests that have to do with the photo. For example, if you posted a picture on a beach, select interests such as “Vacation”, “Beach”, “Caribbean”, “Relax” … This will cause the publication to reach out to more people, so the number of likes will increase significantly.

In the publication, you can request a I like expressly. You can put something like “Dale I like if you would like to be here”, or any phrase you can think of. The idea is that the people who will see the publication feel the need to tighten to like, getting to your goal.

💰 How much does it cost?

We can put a limit of billing per day. As a general rule, with 1 euro you’ll have enough, since the interactions with these Latin countries tend to be very cheap.

A few tips before the end, which is going to come in very well:

  • The photo that you put make it big and of quality.
  • Used at some point in time uppercase letters to draw attention.
  • Insert icons (such as whatsapp).
  • Make a call-to-action (LIKE if you would like to try this, Give me a like if you want one, etc.).


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