Gfycat, one of the largest GIF file search engines, closes down

Gfycat platform

Gfycat is a popular platform that allows users to easily create and share animated gifs, one of the most popular content when sharing messages and posts on social networks. Unfortunately, the popular animated image sharing platform, Gfycat, is going out of business as of September 1, 2023.

Gfycat allows you to convert videos into short, high-quality loops

The way Gfycat worked is quite simple. Users can upload a video to the platform and then convert it into an animated gif using the editing tools provided by Gfycat. Once the gif is generated, users can share it on different platforms, such as social networks, forums and blogs, by simply copying and pasting the provided link.

Gfycat Features

One of the distinguishing features of Gfycat is its ability to. compress and optimize gif files.allowing for faster loading and better playback quality. This makes gifs easier to share and view on different devices and Internet connections.

In a statement, the company has mentioned that the decision the closure is due to. financial and sustainability reasons. Although no specific details have been given on the exact reasons behind the closure, it is speculated that the lack of a solid business model and competition in the multimedia content sharing platform market may have been determining factors.

screenshot of Gfycat

This news may cause concern among Gfycat users, as many of them have invested time and effort in creating and sharing animated gifs through this platform. Fortunately Gfycat has assured that existing gifs will continue to be accessible through their original links.even after the closure. However no new content will be allowed to be uploaded after September 1.

Given the announcement of Gfycat’s closure it is worth remembering that there are other platforms that offer similar services, such as Giphy and Tenor, which offer similar features and a large library of gifs to explore.

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