Giphy adds the “Hire me” button

Giphy, one of the largest banks of GIF files in the world, acquired by Facebook last May to integrate them into the Instagram team, has released an interesting novelty: a “Hire me” button that the content creators click The platform is added to their profile so that companies can easily contact them and rent their services.

Giphy was taken over by Facebook and integrated into the Instagram team in May 2020

Designers, developers … can benefit from this simple new functionality that makes sense worldwide. There are many companies wondering how to use their own GIFs and stickers to use in Instagram Stories, for example. With Giphy, it’s a simple process, although it mostly requires design skills to be able to create the GIF.

Having quick and easy contact with illustrators and designers on Giphy makes it easier for companies to hire professionals whose work is relevant to them to develop their designs. In the same way, by adding this button, content creators can turn their profiles into authentic portfolios of their work to attract the brands to work with.

To add that new button «Rent me»Verified artists on Giphy can activate the “Hire me” function in the settings area of ​​their profile. This will activate the button that appears in web browsers and appear on your channel to alert visitors that you are offering your services.

Both visitors and companies interested in hiring the user can directly send an information or budget request by clicking the “Rent” button in their profile and specifying the desired order, estimated delivery time and other detail that is worth mentioning.

The artist will receive the message at the email address they provided when opening their profile on Giphy and can do so Send the economic proposal to your new customeras well as the contracted materials … and so on. All communication already takes place via email – or via the medium specified by the artist and the company – so that Giphy does not act as an intermediary and does not take any percentage or commission for the cost of the contracted service.

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