Give your home a gift for Christmas

Your home is part of you and you are part of it, so why not give each other a gift this Christmas? Thanks to Smart Home technology, your home becomes an intelligent place capable of communicating with you. If your home could talk to you, it could tell you how many plugs you are losing money on, why you have a headache in that room, who moved the TV remote control or who is knocking on the door, without having to go near the peephole.

If you want to take advantage of Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men to bring you and your home a little present, here are some products that may interest you:

Intelligent lighting

A must for the connected home, before jumping for a bulb choose in which room you need, office, living room or bedroom, each has a characteristic needs to be taken into account to see if you need smart lighting or not. Once chosen we recommend the Trust brand, as it has a variety of models to suit each room.

  • Trust WiFi E27 LED Bulb. This is a pack of two bulbs that you can choose between dimmable, filament or multicolor mode. It has a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin and a brightness of 806 lm. Thanks to its WiFi connection can be controlled by Alexa or Google Home and also from its own application, creating the environment you need at all times.
  • Trust WiFi GU10 LED Bulb. It is also a pack of two bulbs that you can choose between dimmable and multicolor. The color temperature is 6500 Kelvin and brightness 345 lm.

Smart Home Gifts

Smart environmental control

2020 made us think about the air we breathe and the importance of its quality. It was the boom of purifiers and many of them carried with it a quality meter that made us realize that maybe the air at home was not the best in the world. Headaches, sneezing or dry throat can come from poor air quality, excess CO2, pollen, or excess or lack of humidity. If this is what worries you, we recommend these devices so that not a single particle in your home escapes your control:

  • Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Meter. Easy to install and understand, with the app. Netatmo Home Coach it is very easy to control the air quality of the room in which we are, we can also program notifications to alert us immediately if there is any deficiency. This model also controls the noise and warns us when the excess can be annoying. Right now it has a 20% discount on Amazon.
  • Netatmo Intelligent Weather Station. If what we are interested in is the outdoor weather, Netatmo also has a station that offers us atmospheric weather information. It comes with the indoor module, but we can also complement it with an anemometer and a rain gauge. In addition to the information provided by the indoor meter with the outdoor one, we will have access to other aspects such as barometric pressure or outdoor noise level. If we complete it with a rain gauge we will also be able to know precisely the amount of water that falls in our garden or terrace, it also allows access to the accumulated and predicted rainfall. With the anemometer you will be able to check the wind speed and direction in real time on your smartphone.
  • STARKVIND by Ikea. Not only purifies, it also combines with your furniture and without standing out as a strangely futuristic element. Just plug it in and it will start renewing the air in the room where it is located according to the needs detected. It can be regulated up to three power levels. To make it smart you need to purchase two more items separately: the VINDRIKTNING air sensor and the TRÅDFRI the connecting device that works with the Ikea Smart Home app.
  • SPC EVADNE humidifier. Dry environments are not very compatible with the well-being and sometimes it is necessary to have a humidifier. The SPC EVADNE model, besides being intelligent and notifying you of the state of humidity in the room, has the extra function of water purification thanks to UV light.
  • Netatmo Smart Smoke Detector.. It is not only about controlling the CO2 or pollen level, it is also important to control that our physical integrity is not at risk. Netatmo’s intelligent smoke detectors activate an 85dB alarm when they detect it and their battery lasts up to 10 years.
  • Netatmo Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector. In this case it detects carbon monoxide in real time and alerts you in case of any leaks.

Temperature control

Investing in an intelligent control of the temperature inside our home, not only can make our life easier, it can also save us money. Before choosing one, the first thing to look at is whether it adapts to our type of heating, whether it is boiler, central or electric.

  • Netatmo Smart Thermostat. It is ideal for boiler, electric, gas, fuel, wood or heat pump. It has an Auto-Adapt function takes into account the outside temperature and the thermal characteristics of your home to ensure the desired temperature. Like the other devices we have recommended it is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.
  • Google Nest. One of the best sellers Google’s best seller and a safe bet if we are looking for a thermostat. It has two models, the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Thermostat EThe main difference between the two is that the E model is compatible with central heating boilers. Then the differences are aesthetic, the E model has a matte screen and the Learning has a full resolution color screen. Both can be controlled with Google Home or via the app.
  • Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves. If we do not want or we can not change the thermostat, Netatmo gives us the option to install thermoregulable smart valves in our radiators. These valves open and close the radiators until the desired temperature is reached, which can be configured from the Netatmo Energy application.

Presence control

Finally we must not miss the control of security in our home. Thanks to the new technologies of connected home we can control at any time the integrity of our home.

  • Netatmo Smart Video Alarm System. With this alarm system we not only have a discreet and easy to camouflage camera, Netatmo also offers us with this pack, sensors for doors and windows easy installation. To start it up you just have to plug it in, configure the application and it will be ready to control from your smartphone any intrusion in the house, whether allowed or not. This camera has a facial recognition system so that we can tell the camera who are the inhabitants of the house, in this way we can notify the mobile who has entered and what time it has done. This type of alarm allows us to have an intelligent video surveillance system without additional costs, since we only have to buy the camera and everything that is recorded remains on the SD card. Right now, if we want to buy only the camera, it is available on Amazon with a 17% discount.
  • Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren. If what worries us are the surroundings of the house we have this Netatmo option that only needs to be plugged in, configured with the application and ready, in addition to synchronize with the mobile comes with an integrated alarm that we can activate if we detect danger. The recognition and storage system is the same as the indoor camera.
  • Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell, the user receives an alert on his smartphone and can thus talk to his visitors. The Doorbell also allows to protect the entrance of the home. It alerts the user if it detects a person loitering in front of the entrance. When someone rings the doorbell, they receive a video call on their smartphone and see their visitor. The user can then choose whether or not to talk to him directly from his smartphone. Thus, the user can tell the delivery person where to leave the package when he is in the office or welcome his guests if he is still cooking dinner. Right now there is a 30% discount on Amazon.

NoteThis selection contains some links from our affiliates, but none of the products included have been proposed or recommended by them or their manufacturers, but chosen at our own discretion.

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