Glamping is an innovative holiday trend

Many people like to vacation in nature. It is a type of tourism chosen by those who want to escape the crowded cities. There are people who prefer tents on a campsite to spend their vacation. Glamping is a new trend. You can find specialized locations in different parts of the world, e.g. B. in Europe, Australia, the Netherlands, South America and also in Africa. It’s a style that combines outdoor camping with the luxury and privileges of the best hotels in the world.


However, there is one glamping in Wales that is different from the rest. It is something special for those who prefer the comfort and luxury of a 5-star hotel in the midst of lush nature. The site is in South Pembrokeshire, in the midst of the Welsh countryside, and has a working farm as a neighbor.

Glamping Wales offers very special accommodations

It’s a glamping that always surprises. The places where tourists can be accommodated are among the most extravagant. In addition, among the “rooms” offered, you can choose between different options, all of which are very attractive and each more attractive than the previous one. Some of them are the following:


It is a decommissioned luxury aircraft with a capacity for 4 people. It has the original lighting of the aircraft and the luxury and comfort of a first class hotel.

Glamping jet
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You can also choose a UFO or a flying saucer, for those who want to enjoy an interstellar dream, with eight windows to view the green spaces.

Showman caravan

There is also the Showman Caravan to spend a vacation as if walking on a freeway. Neon lights and mosaic mirrors are part of the decoration of this luxury accommodation to make you feel like a real hippie.


Likewise, you can choose the Airbus, which is one of the most eye-catching. This option was added in 2019 and has been one of the most chosen from the start. It’s a real Airbus that has flown for Air Canada, Air Malta and Etihad. In 2003 it was withdrawn from flight service and today, to the delight of tourism, it rests in this glamping. It offers the “passengers” a luxury hostel based on Arabian Nights on board.

Funky dome

The Funky Dome has an ultra-modern geodetic structure. It includes very comfortable armchairs, a wood stove and holistic lights. Ideal for a good rest.

The Pacman

For 80s and video game lovers, there is a structure inspired by the famous Pac-Man. Of course, a game console is available inside to play this classic and legendary game.

The yurts or pods

You can also find the yurts which are a kind of Mongolian dwelling. It is easier and therefore ideal for less demanding people.

Glamping pod

This glamorous campsite opened in 2015 and is located near the towns of Tenby and Saundersfoot. Both cities have interesting ports to receive tourists from all over the world who want to experience glamping.

There are different types of glamping around the world. Of course, a vacation in nature, surrounded by greenery and fresh air, is a very attractive option for many. Especially when you can enjoy a different and extravagant place to stay that allows you to have a great adventure

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