Gmail activates its new default design

Gmail grouping contacts

Gmail developed a new interface design which was already available to all users since last February, but this, until now, was optional. Those who wanted to use the new Gmail design had to perform a few simple steps to test the new view instead of continuing with the classic one.

The redesigned Gmail view is associated with Google Chat and integrates Workspace tools

From now on, however, the new Gmail interface will no longer be optional and Google has begun rolling it out to all users, a process that will be complete in the coming weeks, according to company sources. Thus, all Gmail users will migrate to the new design in the coming days.

Already in February this year Google confirmed its intention that, by mid-2022, all users would employ by default the new look of its mail system. The strategy in this regard is in line with Google’s intention to integrate all the services of its Workspace productivity platform, available since last summer to all free Gmail users.

gmail redesign

The new design is not that it incorporates major changes. Perhaps the main feature of the new Gmail view is that it is associated with Google Chat, which completely replaces the previous instant messaging platform of the house, Hangouts, which also will cease to exist in November, as announced yesterday by the company.

In addition, the new user interface agglutinates all the buttons for Mail, Google Meet, Spaces and Google Chat in a listing that is located at the top of the left sidebar. From now on all conversations in these products will be in the same place and will be accessible when performing other tasks in Gmail, making it easier to jump from one conversation to another.

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