Gmail adds a button to save pictures directly to Google Photos

Google added a new feature to your Gmail email: the button «save photos». When you press it, images sent as email attachments are automatically saved in Google Photos.

Google Photos is the Google Cloud storage space where you can store videos and photos

With this new feature, the images do not have to be downloaded to the device and then later uploaded to the Google Photos video and image storage space. This option is added to the existing “Save in Drive” option, which similarly moves the attachments of an email to the generic storage space in the Google Cloud. You can save yourself that Intermediate step Previously, the file had to be downloaded or saved first and later, if it was an image, transferred to Google Photos.

At the moment, Google is warning that this option is compatible only for JPEG files, and it is unknown if this feature will later be extended to other types of graphic files. For other file types with a different format, if you want to save directly to Google’s own cloud, you will still need to use the “Save to Drive” option mentioned above.

This new Save to Photos button will be available to anyone with a free Gmail email account, as well as Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Ssuite Business users for the next two weeks.

It is worth remembering that as of today, Google Photos has limited the free space, reducing the maximum quality of images and the maximum size of files. Previously, that free space in Google Photos was unlimited, but it’s only been 15GB as of June 1st. So it is necessary to be careful with this “Save Photos” option in Google Photos in order not to saturate this cloud. If you want, there are other alternatives to Google Photos that have unlimited photos to be stored in the cloud.

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