Gmail adds labels to personalize mass mailings

Gmail update

Gmail has a new feature that will allow users at the Google Workspace Business, Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and Workspace Individual levels to customize the sending of mass mailings using new labels.

The path that Google is charting is evident, it is working to provide a system that is very user friendly.

The new tags, which are of the type @firstname, @lastname, @fullname and @email will allow for more personalized mass emailings regardless of the number of people they will reach. Thus, recipients will see, for example, their first and last name in the bulk email they receive. This information will be taken from the user’s Google Contacts.

In the event that the recipient is not in the contacts, Gmail will attempt to infer the first and last name based on the format of the full name. Similarly, the best thing to do in this case is to add the users to the “Contacts” so that the names are correct.

Google advises employing the new feature by inserting mail merge tags by typing “@” after adding the recipient to the email draft.

The new feature is already available to some users of the above-mentioned plans, although there is no date for an official worldwide launch at the moment. In any case, it is expected that in the coming weeks all users of the above-mentioned plans will be able to use the tags for sending mass mailings.

According to Google, this new tool is just the beginning of more features to come. The company is working on providing support for sending mass mailings using combinations taken directly from spreadsheets, which would allow data to be dumped to send mass mailings without having to write labels.

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