Gmail closes its basic HTML version

Google has started to stop offering access to the basic HTML view in the web version of Gmail. The company had announced that starting in January 2024, the web version of Gmail with HTML view would no longer be available and it is now beginning to gradually stop allowing access to all its users.

The HTML view is a basic version of Google's email service. In it, only the received emails are seen and the user has the possibility of replying to them, forwarding them… and performing basic functions. However, other Gmail features, such as Chat, keyboard shortcuts, or the ability to type rich text, cannot be accessed in this view.

Thanks to including only basic services, it is a version of Gmail used on older computers, since it requires less RAM memory consumption to function compared to the latest versions of Gmail, or by people with visual disabilities, since it is easier to convert text to speech by not including other types of elements.

It is also used by those who live in places with slow Internet connections or with occasional difficulties connecting. It is, therefore, a kind of “Lite” version of the service, like many other digital platforms have.

As it was lighter and consumed less, many users continued using it, but the truth is that, in addition to not offering all the functionalities of the service, its stability and security were no longer guaranteed. This is why Google has begun to “disconnect” the basic HTML view from its mail service, pointing out that more than 10 years ago this version had already been replaced by more current versions, although it could still be accessed until now.

Many users have already encountered a warning banner that informs them of the closure of the basic HTML view and redirects them to the standard version, which does include all Gmail functions, even the most recent ones, such as connecting with Google Gemini for the use of generative Artificial Intelligence in the mail service.

Gmail does not close, it is a false rumor

Coinciding with the closure of the HTML version of Gmail, a rumor has begun to circulate on the Internet indicating that Gmail is going to be closed throughout 2024. This is false news, which has no further basis than the fact that There are those who want to take advantage of the situation to sow confusion among users.

There are even those who are commenting on social networks that they have received an email from Google – which even imitates the logo and typography used by the company – notifying them of the closure of the email service. There are even screenshots of that supposed email sent by Google circulating.

It is advisable not to be carried away by deception. The reality is that Google is only beginning to stop allowing access to Gmail's basic HTML view.

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