Gmail no longer allows you to revert to the previous design

Gmail update

The latest aesthetic and usability remodeling of Gmail is not going to be optional. Although in these cases it is usually offered the alternative to return to the old look this time, after an initial period in which it has been, the new look of Google’s email service will become definitive..

New design integrating Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet becomes mandatory.

This has been confirmed by the company asserting that the current new Google design will be the standard experience for users after it was presented at the beginning of the year and the possibility of not adopting it or reversing the change was given… so far.

However this is a possibility that from this very month of November will disappear, so that users who had not yet faced the transition to this new look and those who harbored the alternative of being able to revert the change will be obliged to use the new interface in Gmail only..

The most notable feature of this new look is the integration of Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet in the left column of the screen. A remodeling that will also become standard for users who have reactivated the Chat application. Although Google itself recalls that through the settings menu can customize the new interface to include the most relevant applications for each user within this ecosystem.

Gmail’s purpose with this possibility is to offer each user the tool to place in a prominent position what is most important to them, Reducing the need to switch between different applications, windows or tabs.which simplifies the use of the different tools. However, among these customization possibilities there is no longer the possibility of configuring the Chat to remain on the right side of Gmail.

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